​​Waterford Oaks, located in Waterford Township in the center of Oakland County, was established in 1967. The 199-acre park features the Waterford Oaks Waterpark, a BMX facility, accessible playground, and a greenhouse complex. Waterford Oaks is home to the Oakland County Market and the administrative offices of the Oakland County Parks and Recreation Commission.​​​​

Planning News

Park planning at Waterford Oaks is underway. When completed, the park plan will be presented to the Oakland County Parks and Recreation Commission to receive and file. The concepts in the park plan will be incorporated into Oakland County Parks' 5-Year Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The 5-Year Plan will be submitted to the Parks Commission and the County Board of Commissioners for approval in December 2017 and to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources in February 2018. Contact Donna Folland at or (248) 736-9087 with questions or for more information. Thank you.​​​


The Waterford Oaks Park Vision and Facility Concepts 2013-2022 is the current guiding document for the development and operation of Waterford Oaks County Park. The document was approved by the Oakland County Parks and Recreation Commission on July 11, 2012.

Waterford Oaks Park Vision and Facility Concepts 

Building on the Park Vision and Facility Concepts developed in 2012, OCPR hosted a design competition to develop a design master plan that incorporates a business plan for the park and phased implementation. Three design teams - Russell Design, OHM Advisors, and LAP participated in the design competition and presented their designs and plans for evaluation in August 2015.

Russell Design was the winner of the Design Competition