Groveland Oaks

 Additional Information

Groveland Oaks County Park and Campground will not host Fourth of July Fireworks in 2021 due to COVID-19 health and safety concerns for Oakland County residents and visitors.

While making this decision, Oakland County Parks staff evaluated the event and decided to shift to a fireworks-free experience for the future as well.

It was determined that OCPR's annual display competes with fireworks hosted by local cities, villages and townships. The parks system works to avoid duplication of services by other recreation providers. 

Addison Oaks Campground and County Park north of Rochester shifted to a fireworks-free experience and found it was well received by veterans, families with small children and pet owners.

Groveland Oaks Campground and County Park will continue to offer themed Campground Recreation programs to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday.