Healthy Communities Investments

‚ÄčThe Oakland County Board of Commissioners and County Executive Dave Coulter approved $15 million for Oakland County Parks and Recreation (OCPR) from pandemic relief funds the county received as part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). Combined with a $5.2 million match from OCPR, this provides the parks system with substantial funds to revitalize and enhance parks located in or servicing residents of communities most impacted by the pandemic.

How funds will be used

The Healthy Communities Park and Outdoor Recreation Investment Plan emphasizes these goals:

  • Improving physical and mental health outcomes
  • Creating strong social connections
  • Addressing barriers to equitable access and use of quality park and recreation opportunities for residents of all ages and abilities
  • Leveraging funding through long-term partnerships with local governments
  • Sustaining and building investment through agreements to transition management of urban parks to Oakland County Parks and Recreation

Parks included in the Healthy Communities plan

Long-term partnerships with these parks will expand the Oakland County Parks System:

Existing Oakland County Parks that will receive improvements:

In addition to these park expansions and improvements, OCPR will award Park Improvement Capital Grants to these Oakland County communities to enhance local parks:

  • Hazel Park - $400,000 for improvements at Green Acres Park
  • Hazel Park - $300,000 for improvements at the Hazel Park Community Center
  • Oak Park - $500,000 for investments in Shepherd Park
  • Pontiac - $500,000 for local park and recreation priorities 
  • Royal Oak Township - $300,000 for improvements to Mack-Rowe Park
  • Southfield - $500,000 for splash pad at Beech Woods Park

Examples of planned improvements

Funds will be used to create, expand or improve features within local parks. Projects may include features such as:

  • Walking and hiking trails
  • Universally accessible playgrounds
  • Outdoor exercise and fitness equipment
  • Athletic fields and courts
  • Water and winter recreation facilities
  • Natural resource restoration and preservation
  • Family and group gathering spaces

Additional Information and Resources

Quick overview of Healthy Communities Park and Outdoor Recreation Investment Plan

Healthy Communities Park and Outdoor Recreation Investment Plan