Community Grant Program

When the Oakland County Parks and Recreation (OCPR) millage passed by voters in November 2020, a portion of the funds was allocated for competitive grant programs that support local park improvement projects and non-motorized trails. The OCPR Grant Programs were created to assist local communities with planning, preliminary engineering/design, and construction costs directly related to park improvement and trail projects located in Oakland County.

$1.2 million is available for the OCPR Grant Programs for Fiscal Year 2022 (Oakland County Fiscal Year begins October 1) Currently, $750,000 has been allocated for the Trailways Grant Program, and $450,000 allocated for the Park Improvement Grant Program. The OCPR Commission reserves the ability to adjust the funding in each grant program, in its sole discretion.

Update (March 4, 2022): Thank you to everyone who submitted applications. Staff is reviewing and scoring the applications now and we are on track to announce the grant awards in April. Contact Donna Folland at or (248) 736-9087 if you have any questions. 

Program Goals

Trailways Grant Program Goals

Fund trail planning/design/engineering (pre-development) as well as development/construction, with a priority of closing gaps and/or making connections to planned trail networks and systems within Oakland County. Projects should fill gaps, connect key locations or existing pathways, or otherwise be part of a larger trail planning effort. No stand-alone projects will be considered (unless they are part of a larger coordinated effort). Trail projects within a park facility may be eligible for the OCPR Park Improvements grant program. "Trail project" is defined as: a non-motorized trail, path, pathway, shared-use path, pathway connector, on-road bike facility, water trail and trail-related amenities including, but not limited to, trailheads, pedestrian-activated traffic control devices, bike racks, bike repair stations, wayfinding signs, bridges, boardwalks, tunnels and benches.

Park Improvement Grant Program Goals

Fund city, village, or township park planning/design/engineering projects (pre-development) as well as development/construction of projects that promote and provide public outdoor recreation opportunities. "Park Improvements" are defined as: projects that create new park facilities or renovate existing park facilities and must promote or involve fishing, hunting, beaches, boating access, picnic areas, winter sports areas, playground equipment, ball fields, court sports, skate parks, sports fields, disc golf, park trails, spray parks/splash pads, or support/improve the user experience, including but not limited to, nature interpretive buildings, visitor centers, restrooms, trailheads, parking areas, or maintenance/equipment storage buildings.


  • Grant Projects must be located in Oakland County, Michigan.
  • The Grant application must be submitted by a city, village, or township in Oakland County. The State of Michigan, school districts, regional authorities, federally recognized Native American tribes, colleges, universities, private recreation providers, land conservancies, and conservation districts are NOT eligible.

For more details please see the Grant Program Guidance book

  • Ineligible Expenses: Funding will not be provided for the following projects: (1) indoor recreation facilities (except those that support o utdoor recreation), (2) land acquisition, (3) stadiums for professional sports, (4) art displays, (5) decorative fountains, (6) facilities for historical interpretation, (7) projects that would create an unfair competitive situation with private enterprise, and (8) invasive species removal, shoreline stabilization, or erosion control that are not directly related to the improvements of recreation facilities at the project site, or (9) ongoing maintenance costs (i.e., mowing the grass or emptying trash receptacles).

Grant Limits

Trailways Grant Program

Pre-Development Grants: $5,000 minimum - $25,000 maximum
Development Grants: $5,000 minimum - $200,000 maximum

Park Improvement Grant Program

Pre-Development Grants: $5,000 minimum - $25,000 maximum
Development Grants: $5,000 minimum - $100,000 maximum

Grant Match

A minimum 25% grant match is required for all grants. Grant applications with a higher match will score higher.


  • Online Application LiveNovember 22, 2021
  • Informational WebinarDecember 7, 2021, 2:00pm
  • Grant Applications Due Online by 5:00pmJanuary 14, 2022, 5:00pm
  • Award AnnouncementApril 2022
  • Project Period BeginsUpon execution of grant agreements*
  • Project Period EndsDate on executed grant agreement*
  • Final Report Due60 days after project period end date

*Predevelopment grants will have a 1-year timeframe, Development grants will have a 3-year timeframe.

Grant Program Guidance and Additional Information

Grant Program Guidance
Trailways Grant Program Scoring
Park Improvement Grant Program Scoring
Park and Trail Grant Programs Available to Oakland County Communities

Community Grant Programs Webinar


​Donna Folland
Supervisor – Planning & Resource Development

​Melissa Prowse
Manager – Planning & Community Services