Operating Budget

The Parks and Recreation budget is developed through a multi-faceted review of park operations and financial activity to produce a triennial budget. The process includes the operating budget as well as the capital improvement budget to ensure preservation of existing assets and meet funding needs for new assets. The process starts with staff reviewing financial and activity reports and making assumptions based on trends. Use of this on-going process where staff is asked to review current operations to ensure budget accuracy and provide programmatic changes to their budget streamlines the budget process. 

The Parks Commission reviews the budget in early spring, which is then submitted as part of the County Executive's proposed budget to the Oakland County Board of Commissioners on July 1. Further review of the budget occurs during the summer months with adjustments made as necessary. Both the Parks Commission and the Oakland County Board of Commissioners adopt the triennial budget in September and the new budget is put into action at the start of the new fiscal year on October 1. 

Budget Summary