Planning at Oakland County Parks and Recreation is an integrated process that focuses on parks, recreational facilities, and the organization as a whole. The Planning and Resource Development unit of Oakland County Parks works with the Parks Commission, park staff, park visitors, local governments, and the public to create plans that are founded on research and public engagement and that measure outcomes, making adjustments as needed.  For more information about the activities and products of the Planning and Resource Development unit, contact Melissa Prowse, Supervisor of Planning and Resource Development at 248-249-2801 or

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Waterford Oaks Waterpark Visioning Survey (12/16/2021)

Thank you to everyone (1,914 of you!) who filled out the Waterford Waterpark Visioning Survey online in October and November. Your responses will  help us plan for the future of Waterford Oaks!  We will are analyzing the responses and will post the survey report later in January 2023. For questions please contact Melissa Prowse, Supervisor of Planning and Resource Development at or (248) 249-2801.

As you may know, the waterpark facility at Waterford Oaks is more than 40 years old.  Over the past 5-10 years, costs to operate the waterpark have outpaced the revenue we have been able to generate, and due to the nationwide lifeguard shortage, finding staff has been a challenge.  Over the past 10 years we’ve had to remove features that had reached the end of their life cycle. In order to be fiscally responsible while providing new, fun and exciting services to our county residents, we are looking to re-vision the waterpark area of the park.  This could be reinvestment into new waterpark features, or possibly creating a new recreational experience in that area of the park.  The goal will be to create a sustainable, family-friendly, unique and engaging outdoor area that Oakland County families can continue to enjoy, while making new memories that will last a lifetime. 

Waterford Oaks Facility Condition Assessment (4/1/2021)

After 43 years of operation, Waterford Oaks Waterpark’s buildings, recreational features, and underground infrastructure have deteriorated with time and are outdated. The quantity of recreational opportunities has declined as features reach the end of their useful lives (as indicated by results of structural inspections), are removed and not replaced. Operationally, there has been a consistent difficulty in maintaining sufficient staff to keep the park open for the entire season. These factors have resulted in significant declines in attendance and revenue. 
As a first step in reviewing potential alternatives for the future of Waterford Oaks Waterpark, OCPR contracted with JFR Architects and Frank Rewold and Sons Construction Management to develop a Facility Condition Assessment to visually review, assess and confirm the facility conditions at the Waterford Oaks Waterpark and estimate costs for alternative investments into the waterpark.