Planning at Oakland County Parks and Recreation is an integrated process that focuses on parks, recreational facilities, and the organization as a whole. The Planning and Resource Development unit of Oakland County Parks works with the Parks Commission, park staff, park visitors, local governments, and the public to create plans that are founded on research and public engagement and that measure outcomes, making adjustments as needed.  For more information about the activities and products of the Planning and Resource Development unit, contact Melissa Prowse, Supervisor of Planning and Resource Development at 248-249-2801 or

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Catalpa Oaks Park Improvements Survey and Open House - August 15, 2018
Catalpa Oaks County Park is a 25-acre park in Southfield, Michigan that provides soccer fields, baseball and softball diamonds, as well as open space for visitors to gather with friends and family to enjoy the outdoors. Catalpa Oaks annually hosts the The Great Marshmallow Drop and Come Out and Play events. Oakland County Parks and Recreation is developing a phased plan to improve Catalpa Oaks, including much-needed improvements to the soccer fields and the development of park pathways that connect with City of Southfield sidewalks and safety paths. The focus of longer-term planning will be to provide a greater selection of recreation opportunities for park visitors. 
Thank you to everyone who visited the Catalpa Oaks Improvements Open House on August 15!  We invite you to take the online survey to tell us your preferences for recreational activities and park amenities. Please click here to participate in the Catalpa Oaks Park Improvements Survey. The survey will be open through August 31. If you have questions, contact Donna  Folland, Senior Planner, at 248-736-9087 or Thank you!

Disc Golf Planning Workshop Report - April 26, 2018
Thank you to everyone who attended the Disc Golf Planning Workshop on March 14, 2018 at Lookout Lodge in Waterford Oaks County Park. The Workshop was hosted by Oakland County Parks and Recreation in partnership with the Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority (HCMA) and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) as a forum for disc golf users and other interested persons to learn about disc golf in Oakland County and the surrounding area and share information about their disc golf experiences and needs.  The Disc Golf Workshop Report was compiled from comments and discussion from the 49 people attending the Workshop and responses to a detailed survey completed at the Workshop and online (total of 80 surveys completed.) We are very grateful to the disc golf community for their support of the workshop and their enthusiasm for open dialogue about the sport they are passionate about.  Please contact Donna  Folland, Senior Planner, at 248-736-9087 or with any questions about the report. 

Off-Road Vehicle Park Update - April 5, 2018

Oakland County Parks and Recreation is actively working with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) on a lease for the operation of the ORV Park in Groveland and Holly Townships. The land was acquired in early 2017, and mining is currently winding down on the majority of the property.  A Request for Proposals (RFP) was recently released to solicit a consultant (or team of consultants) to assist OCPR and MDNR staff with the overall design and engineering of the park. The chosen consultant will work with staff from both organizations, as well as seeking public input, to develop a concept design for the park and a phasing plan for implementation. The initial goal is to open a safe and exciting park to the public as quickly as possible.  We know county residents (and greater Michigan and out of state guests) are very excited for the park to open. However, we do not want to open a park that doesn’t meet the needs of our users, or that doesn’t offer the types of facilities/trails/features that people want. The current timeframe (subject to change) is to open the park in the spring/summer of 2019.  Throughout the course of this summer/fall, the consultant will help us create an initial park design, along with future phases of development so the park can continue to grow and evolve throughout time. 
Check back for updates, or contact OCPR Planning Supervisor Melissa Prowse at 248-249-2801, or with any comments or questions. Questions and comments may also be directed to the MDNR by contacting Jason Fleming, Chief of Resource Protection and Promotion, at  517-930-6726 or  
Portions of the site, while now owned by the MDNR, are still active mining and extraction sites while the mining operations wind down and remove the remaining material.  There is currently no vehicular access allowed at the site.