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Summer Job Opportunities – Quick Reference


​I'm blessed with having two jobs within Oakland County Parks. In the summer I enjoy Camp Oakventures with kids where they get to enjoy summer with  swimming, fishing and hiking. There is something new every day. 

This past fall and winter I have been enjoying my time as an attendant at Wint Nature Center. What a wonderful experience I have walked into. Not only have I learned to be an attendant, I have also worked along-side the Naturalist, who have taught me about animals and nature. I look forward to my time here. 

It's been a great work environment with wonderful people. I plan on staying here as long as they will have me. 

- Angela
Camp Counselor and Park Attendant

Working at Red Oaks has been a dream come true for me. I have always wanted to work someplace that you look forward to going into work. Red Oaks has a great staff and volunteers who all work together as a team. We have a lot of regular customers and I enjoy welcoming new ones. I have always said it is like my second home.

- Peggy
Golf Services Leader - Red Oaks Golf Course

The waterpark has been a wonderful place to work, not only because of the ability to expand my work place experience but also to build friendships and a sense of family. It's not often that you get to work with people you genuinely enjoy. Lifeguarding allowed me to be part of a group of individuals that I truly enjoyed working with. Lifeguarding allows you to be outside during the summer while also making money. I also feel that all the management shows their gratitude and appreciation for all the lifeguarding staff does and truly takes the time to recognize them as hard workers. Lifeguarding is a wonderful opportunity to be outside working and making friends all summer long.

Waterford Oaks Lifeguard

​I love working for Oakland County Parks and Recreation at  Red Oaks because it is a fun environment. You meet so many amazing people and gain a work experience like no other. I've worked at three different locations for Red Oaks and I am proud of it. The supervisors and staff are all friendly which makes it an enjoyable place to work. They work with you to ensure you actually enjoy your job and give you the helping hand when you need it.

- Kate
Assistant Waterpark Leader 

Working at Groveland Oaks County Park has been the first job I’ve had where I am excited to come into work every day. The environment is positive, everyone is friendly, and the people you may get to meet along the way are so special. I have been lucky enough to have a seasonal job that is the highlight of my summer vacation.

- Kayleigh
Contact Station Worker