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Connecting Oakland County through Local transit Solutions

On Nov. 8, 2022, voters will be asked to consider a 10-year, .95 mill measure to maintain and expand public transit services, connecting people and communities across Oakland County.

What is Oakland Transit?

  • The Oakland Transit millage will expand and maintain existing public transit services, including transportation provided by the SMART bus system, Western Oakland Transportation Authority, North Oakland Transportation Authority and Older Persons Commission in the Rochester area.
  • The millage funds new service to key areas, including major employment centers, health care campuses and local colleges and universities.
  • The millage will expand reservation-based service – flexible transportation for seniors, people with disabilities, and veterans who need to make essential trips, such as doctor's appointments and grocery shopping.
  • The millage will expand app-based service – on-demand transportation open to the general public, using small vehicles.
  • Funds from the millage will support services that specifically benefit Oakland County residents and businesses.
  • Local service details will be developed collaboratively with members of the public, community organizations, transit providers, local governments and county leadership.

The Oakland Transit millage will appear on all Oakland County ballots on Nov. 8 and will serve as the replacement for the SMART millage levied in 24 communities across Oakland County.

Vote Nov. 8

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Serving Oakland County

The Oakland Transit millage will connect residents to jobs, medical care, schools, shopping, and other essential destinations.

Millage funds will be distributed to local transit providers in Oakland County to continue existing services and expand transportation options, including:

  • North Oakland Transportation Authority (NOTA)
  • Western Oakland Transportation Authority (WOTA)
  • Older Persons Commission (OPC) in the Rochester area

Current Transit Options

The Oakland Transit millage would expand transportation to parts of Oakland County that are not currently served by any designated, multi-community transit provider. This map shows where SMART, North Oakland Transportation Authority, Western Oakland Transportation Authority and Older Persons Commission currently provide services, and the areas where there is limited local transportation:
OaklandCo transit map 2022a.jpg

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