Emergency Housing Support

Call to speak ​with a counselor: 248-858-5402

HUD Certified Housing Counselors offer free housing information, education and referrals in a confidential setting.

Housing Counselors

​Oakland County's HUD certified housing counselors can provide referrals to various agencies for short-term help to prevent homelessness. The referral agencies can assist in quickly rehousing individuals through the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) program.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available to help pay rent, utilities and moving expenses as well as security and utility deposits for qualified individuals assisted through the ESG program. Housing relocation and stabilization services include case management, outreach and engagement, and housing search and placement.

Emergency Shelters

Support is given to area homeless shelter providers for operations, maintenance, and essential services. ESG funded emergency shelters in Oakland County served more than 1,000 homeless adults and children last year.