Radon Test Kits are Half-Price During National Radon Action Month
Oakland County, MichiganNewsRadon Test Kits are Half-Price During National Radon Action Month

Radon Test Kits are Half-Price During National Radon Action Month

Release Date: 12/29/2013 7:00 PM
Contact: Tony Drautz, Administrator of Oakland County Health Division’s Environmental Health Services
Contact Phone: 248-858-1320

Pontiac, Michigan -- Oakland County Health Division will offer radon test kits for just $5 during National Radon Action Month this January. County Executive L. Brooks Patterson encourages residents to take advantage of this half-off price to test their homes for the potentially harmful gas.

"Radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer," Patterson said. "The radon test kit is quick, easy and affordable."

Radon test kits for homes are available at Health Division offices in Pontiac and Southfield:
  • North Oakland Health Center, 1200 North Telegraph, Building 34E, Pontiac
  • South Oakland Health Center, 27725 Greenfield Road, Southfield

Please note that Health Division offices will be closed Tuesday, Dec. 31 and Wednesday, Jan. 1 for the New Year holiday.

Radon is a naturally-occurring, invisible, odorless gas that is usually harmless outdoors. When the gas is trapped in a building or home, however, it can be a health hazard. The Environmental Protection Agency says there is moderate potential for elevated radon levels in Oakland County homes.

"You can't see or smell radon, and people tend to ignore the possibility that it might exist at high levels in their homes," said Tony Drautz, administrator of Health Division's Environmental Health Services. "The cooler months are an ideal time to test your home for radon because the windows and doors are closed."

If high levels of radon are found, contact Health Division's Environmental Health Services at 248-858-1312 in Pontiac or 248-424-7190 in Southfield. 

For more information, visit www.oakgov.com/health or www.epa.gov/radon. For up-to-date public health information, call Nurse on Call at 1-800-848-5533 or follow the Health Division on Facebook and Twitter @publichealthOC.

For media inquiries only, contact Tony Drautz, administrator of Oakland County Health Division's Environmental Health Services, at 248-858-1320.