County Budget Balanced Through 2016
Oakland County, MichiganNewsCounty Budget Balanced Through 2016

County Budget Balanced Through 2016

Release Date: 1/21/2013 7:20 PM
Contact: Bill Mullan, Oakland County media and communications officer
Contact Phone: 248-858-1048


Pontiac, Michigan -- Oakland County's budget will remain in balance through at least 2016, the entirety of L. Brooks Patterson’s sixth term as county executive, according to a summary of future operating issues prepared by Deputy County Executive Robert Daddow.

"Oakland County retains its AAA bond rating in part because we are able to project budget challenges years into the future and resolve them before they become a problem," Patterson said. "In this case, not only are we balanced through 2016, but we are able to do it without seeking any additional budget cuts from the other county officials."

The document, called "Interim Framework - A Long-Range Fiscal Plan for the Future," analyzes global, national, state and local issues that may impact Oakland County's revenue in the coming years.

Daddow said there are two principal concerns that may impact Oakland County's budget: One, there is uncertainty around the so-called fiscal cliff in Washington, D.C. Depending on how it is resolved, there could be an economic impact and the potential for a reduction in federal grants. Two, it is not yet known how the rules and regulations of the federal health care law will impact the county's budget.

In addition, there is the issue at the state level of indigent legal defense. It was killed in the lame duck legislative session in December. However, if it is revived and takes a form similar to the one passed by the Michigan House late last year, it has the potential to cost Oakland County millions of dollars.

"The county has not been immune from the ravages of the loss in property taxes, grants, and general loss of revenues resulting from the Great Recession," Daddow said. "But we could not have achieved balanced budgets without the continued cooperation of the countywide elected officials."

To view the Framework analysis, go to and click on the Framework link,

For further information, please contact Bill Mullan, Oakland County media and communications officer, at 248-858-1048.