Oct. 2, 2012 Update on Patterson By Deputy County Executive/CIO Phil Bertolini
Oakland County, MichiganNewsOct. 2, 2012 Update on Patterson By Deputy County Executive/CIO Phil Bertolini

Oct. 2, 2012 Update on Patterson By Deputy County Executive/CIO Phil Bertolini

Release Date: 10/1/2012
Contact: Bill Mullan, Media and Communications Officer
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​Good morning. I'm Deputy County Executive and CIO Phil Bertolini.

Before we get to the main reason we are all gathered here - that is to hear what attorney Steve Potter has to say about the Aug. 10 crash - I'd like to give a brief update on our County Executive.

Yesterday, Brooks began the third stage of his physical rehabilitation. He moved to a facility in metro Detroit Monday where he will undergo two weeks of intensive physical therapy. Brooks' goal is to return to his desk here in the Executive Office Building in about two to four weeks - certainly before the Nov. 6 election. And I can tell you, it is hard to keep him down. Brooks has a fire in his belly to get back here to have his hands directly in the daily operations of the county.

Brooks' recovery is going better than anyone had anticipated. If you ask Brooks, he will credit the people around him - his family, friends, staff, and the medical professionals who have cared for him. He’ll also credit the fact that he worked out with a professional trainer several times a week for the past four years. If you ask me, it's also because Brooks is tough mentally and he's a fighter.

Brooks is focused on continuing his recovery and remaining engaged in county business. He receives daily briefings from his deputy executives where he offers direction on continuing his vision for Oakland County. He also consults several times a week either in person or over the phone with his directors on a variety of issues that impact their respective departments.

Brooks remains in this election and looks forward to serving Oakland County residents and the region for another four years. However, actively campaigning is not a part of his agenda right now. Continuing his physical rehabilitation and tending to the business of the county remain his top priorities.

A word about Brooks' security officer, James Cram. Out of respect for his family's wishes, I am not at liberty to say anything about his injuries or current condition. However, I will confirm that he remains hospitalized.

Now, I’d like to call to the podium Steve Potter, who represents Brooks and Jim on all civil matters that may arise from the Aug. 10 accident in Auburn Hills which seriously injured them. Steve?