MSU Product Center

The Michigan State University (MSU) Product Center helps Michigan entrepreneurs and businesses to develop and launch new product and service ideas into food, ag and bioenergy markets.

The Product Center facilitates innovation by customizing services to each client. From business planning to market analysis and research, and from scientific support to technical services, we deliver what entrepreneurs need directly or from our statewide network of university, business and governmental partners. 

Our team of experts analyzes the level of service each client needs, taking some from concept development to launch and helping others with specialized issues such as packaging, labeling or nutritional analysis.

To find out more about the MSU Product Center, visit or call 248-858-0894.

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Client Stories

Alaina Campbell joined the MSU Product Center in August of 2018.

Her business concept of Sprout Bake was on the horizon. Alaina developed a frozen nutritionally dense muffin batter that consumers could bake as needed. She started making her batter on Sundays at Fuel Your Life café in Oxford. They worked with the MSU Product Center and learned how to prepare, market and package their product for commercial sale and sought to introduce it to the community.

In May of 2019, they were presented with an unexpected opportunity to operate the ice cream shop below 20 Front Street. Open to the challenge, Alaina and Carissa launched Cookies & Cream. This unplanned path in their journey allowed them to meld two concepts in one.

Alaina and her daughter Carissa were recognized by the Orion Area Chamber of Commerce as Entrepreneurs of the Year at the Annual Impact Awards Luncheon held on December 5, 2019.

The MSU Product Center can help you develop and commercialize high-value products and businesses in the food, agricultural and natural resource sectors.