Lawn & Soil Test Kits

A soil test is the first step in determining what type and how much fertilizer is needed for the plants you are trying to grow. Since plants take up nutrients from the soil, nutrients need to be replenished from the soil from time to time. The only way to identify the particular nutrients needed is to test your soil.

MSU Extension encourages homeowners, wholesalers and retailers to have their soil tested. Soil samples are tested at the MSU laboratory and nutrient recommendations are made.

​Soil testing is a recommended practice to avoid over fertilization. Applying the correct amount of fertilizer can save money and protect Michigan’s water resources. This kit comes complete with everything you’ll need to submit a soil sample for testing by the MSU Soils Laboratory. Simply follow the instructions, put the completed form and soil sample in the postage-paid envelope and you will receive an email when your results are available at the MSU Soil Test website.

NOTE: For quickest service, customers should provide an email address. Those without an email address will receive their printed results in the mail.