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MSU Tollgate Farm

 Oakland Gardener Newsletter

The "Oakland Gardener" is a monthly electronic newsletter issued by MSU Extension-Oakland for Master Gardener volunteers and those interested in gardening.  This newsletter offers the latest volunteer and educational opportunities as well as other items of interest.  Click on the image at the left to subscribe or manage your existing subscription.

 Michigan Master Gardener Volunteer Program

The Michigan Master Gardener Volunteer Program is a horticulture education and volunteer leader training program offered by Michigan State University Extension in Oakland County.  An interest in plants, a personal commitment to volunteerism and an enthusiasm for sharing knowledge with others are the only prerequisites to apply. >>more<<

 Yard & Garden Hotline and Diagnostic Services

The Garden Hotline offers Oakland County residents and horticulture businesses expertise in problem-solving and educational resources for soils, fertilization, weed control, pesticide practices, plant disease and insect control, flowers, lawn care, fruit and vegetable gardening, tree and shrub management and more! >>more!<<

 Home Lawn and Garden Soil Test

A soil test is the first step in determining what type and how much fertilizer is needed for the plants you are trying to grow.  Since plants take up nutrients from the soil, nutrients need to be replenished from the soil from time to time.  The only way to identify the particular nutrients needed is to test your soil.
MSU Extension encourages homeowners, wholesalers and retailers to have their soil tested.  Soil samples are tested at the MSU laboratory and nutrient recommendations are made. >>more info<< 

 MSU Tollgate Farm & Education Center

Tollgate_Barn.pngTollgate is an oasis of green in the ever more urbanized environment of southeast Michigan. Of the 160 acres that constitute the Tollgate Education Center, 70 acres are fields and pastures.  These open areas are used to produce hay for winter animal feed, serve as summer grazing areas for the horses and cattle and to provide space for the assorted woodchucks, geese, deer and other wild animals that call Tollgate home. <<Visit the Tollgate Farm website>>

 Smart Gardening Resources

Michigan is a great place to grow fruit, vegetables, flowers and landscape plants. MSU Extension Smart Gardening  offers many resources using earth-friendly messages to help gardeners make smart choices in their own backyards. Whether choosing plants, using garden chemicals, fertilizer or applying water, gardeners need to understand the long-term impacts on their communities. <<Visit MSU Extension Smart Gardening website>>

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