4-H Information for Parents
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4-H Information for Parents

4-H Parents4-H is a community of young people across America who are learning leadership, citizenship and life skills.  4-H youth programs are available for children and youth ages 5-19 through community-based clubs, youth centers, school enrichment programs and special events.  Using the experiential learning model, kids participate in fun, hands-on activities that include time for sharing and processing the information learned.  4-H can help young people to do better in school, learn to help others, feel more capable and be responsible.  Whether helping kids explore future careers, increasing their science and technology literacy or preventing them from making negative choices that put them at  risk, 4-H Youth Development is dedicated to connecting young people to positive futures.

In addition to the club experience, there are many other resources available to youth.  Examples include:

Because 4-H is committed to helping create safe environments for young people to learn, have fun and develop socially, we work to ensure that the adults we entrust to work with young people only have the best interests of youth at heart.  The Michigan State University Extension Volunteer Selection Process is a tool we use to recruit and orient volunteers who will be involved with young people for long-term, overnight or extended involvement. 
To become involved in the Oakland County 4-H Youth Development program, call 248-858-0889 to find a club in your area.  To enroll your youth in the Oakland County 4-H program, the participation fee is $10.00 per year. Visit 4H Online to enroll your youth.  Individual 4-H clubs and programs may charge additional fees for materials and activities. 
Interested in the possibility of starting your own club or have questions?  If you want to learn more about how to get a club started, please contact the Oakland County MSU Extension 4-H office at 248-858-0889.
Is volunteering or mentoring is what you're looking for?  We have a variety of opportunities that you may be interested in.  Please call the 4-H office at 248-858-0889. 


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