4-H Alumni & Testimonials
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4-H Alumni & Testimonials

4-H AlumniProvide valuable insights into career opportunities, entrepreneurial thinking and the world of work by sharing your experience with interested young people.  4-H experiential learning activities plus caring adults equals young people prepared for their future.

An Invitation

As a young 4-H member, I'm sure you participated in fun-loving activities that are still memorable to this day.  Whether it was Capitol ExperienceExploration Days, Kettunen Center workshops, International Culinary Exchange or even showing an animal at the Oakland County Fair, we all have memories that are hard to forget.  Fundamental characteristics and recollections of the camaraderie with your club are flashbacks of what was learned in 4-H and we carry them with us every day.

Now that we are older, we are able to give to a club what was once given to us.  Clubs all over could always use a helping hand and this is your opportunity to offer your expertise in any way possible.  Engage today in a club near you!  Giving back to your community is the first step in completing the thought of a helping hand.

Akilah Jones (Shining Stars 4-H Club, 2000-2002)

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