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Nutrition, Health & Wellness

MSU Extension-Oakland staff engages individuals and groups in fun learning experiences to convey information about the advantages of eating a healthy diet, being physically active, handling and preparing food to ensure safety, budgeting to get the most nutritional bang for their buck, planning menus and even preserving food in their own kitchen.  A monthly newsletter for seniors is published to increase knowledge and awareness related to food issues and the latest research. 


Food Safety & Preservation

Robin Danto teaching nutrition to Waterford studentsThe food safety and preservation unit of MSU Extension-Oakland County provides up-to-date, research-based information to consumers:

  • Oakland County residents can call a consumers phone hotline at 248-858-0904 to have questions answered about food safety, food preservation and nutrition. 
  • Educational programs are available to groups throughout Oakland County. Presentations include topics associated with food, food safety, nutrition or food preservation.  We currently work with: school districts on wellness policies, school gardens and summer feeding programs; farmers markets; senior centers and community groups; Oakland County Parks and Recreation; the Healthy Oakland Partnership; a number of hospital support programs; as well as administering Senior Market FRESH for Oakland County. Please contact Robin Danto at 248-858-0904 to schedule a presentation for your group.
  • A 7-lesson curriculum food preservation correspondence course is available that provides up-to-date information on food safety, canning high acid and low acid foods, freezing, drying, pickling, and jam and jelly making.  It includes a hands-on experience for each lesson that is completed in your own kitchen at your own pace.  Available through e-mail or mailing through the U.S. Postal Service.

Contact Robin Danto at 248-858-0904 for further information about the food safety and preservation unit.


Children learning about nutrition.Nutrition Education

MSU Extension offers nutrition and physical activity programming to groups.  All classes are free and require that half of the program participants be food stamp or Medicaid-eligible or Women, Infant and Children (WIC) program participants. Each series lasts approximately six weeks and meet weekly.  Each weekly class is approximately one hour in length.  These classes are facilitated by college educated nutrition instructors who maintain yearly professional development standards in nutrition and are offered in English, Spanish, Arabic and American Sign Language. 

Contact our office at 248-858-0897 to schedule classes or if you have questions.  Following is a list of programming we offer:

Eat Healthy, Be Active is a research/evidence-based curriculum that is aimed at an audience from 9th grade to adults.  These lessons are interactive and can be tailored to specific audience needs (i.e., limited cognitive ability, increased fiber, etc.).  Topics covered include food safety, label reading, stretching food dollars, physical activity, and general nutrition.  Also includes food demonstrations and taste testing.  Participants are given educational incentives to help them put into practice what they have learned in their classes.

Eat Smart, Live Strong is a research/evidence-based curriculum that is geared towards adults that are 60+ years of age or older.  This dynamic series is focused on fruits and vegetables as well as physical activity.  It is customized specifically for older adults and offers a variety of exercises and recipes that are easy to duplicate.  Food demonstrations and samples are included to all that participate in the program series.

Show Me Nutrition is aimed at an audience of pre-kindergarten through 8th grade.  These lessons are interactive and appeal to a wide variety of learning styles.  Many of the activities are hands-on and each lesson has a book that accompanies it to reinforce literacy.  Each grade level is age appropriate.  Topics covered:  food safety, positive body image, world hunger, physical activity and general nutrition.

Cooking Matters is a nutrition education class that MSU Extension collaborates with Gleaners.  The focus of this course is to help program participants prepare healthy food.  A nutritionist and chef co-facilitate this course.  This course lasts four to six weeks and is two hours in length per week.  Courses are tailored for adults, parents or families.  Participants will receive groceries each week to make the recipe at home and will have a chance to win and/or receive useful kitchen gadgets during the entire series of healthy cooking classes.

    For further information about any of our programs, please contact MSU Extension-Oakland County, 248-858-0897.

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