Residential Resource Management
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Residential Resource Management

Conservation Stewards volunteers discussing shoreline managementMichigan is home to a wonderful diverse set of environmental resources.  The Home*A*Syst assessment guide contains essential topics that every homeowner or resident should understand.  These resources will help you identify risks to your family's health or pollution threats to the environment around your home and property.

Potential pollution sources in and around the home can affect the health of your family, community and environment.  Home*A*Syst is a self-assessment guide you can use to evaluate your home and property for pollution and health risks.  After identifying potential risks, you will learn how to better manage your home and property as well as take preventive actions to safeguard your health and the environment.  Home*A*Syst covers 12 different environmental topics.  Individual chapters are listed below.

  • Chapter 1: Site Assessment: Protecting Water Quality around Your Home
    Chapter 2: Managing Household Trash: Preventing Waste, Reusing, Recycling and Composting
    Chapter 3: Managing Hazardous Household Products
    Chapter 4: Lead in and around the Home: Identifying and Managing its Sources
    Chapter 5: Indoor Air Quality: Reducing Health Risks and Improving the Air You Breathe
    Chapter 6: Energy Savings for Your Home
    Chapter 7: Managing Stormwater around Your Home
    Chapter 8: Conserving Water around Your Home
    Chapter 9: Caring for the Yard and Garden
    Chapter 10: Protecting Your Drinking Water Well
    Chapter 11: Managing Household Wastewater: Septic Systems and Other Treatment Methods
    Chapter 12: Managing Liquid Fuels Safely: Gasoline, Heating Oil, Diesel and Other Fuels

Managing Your Septic System 
This convenient record file folder contains information that will help you manage your septic system.  It also provides a place to record and store vital information about your system.  It should be kept with other documents about your home and property.

Michigan Water Stewardship Program
The Michigan Water Stewardship Program (MWSP) is a partnership of organizations that have developed a set of online educational resources for adults, youth and educators to help identify and reduce contamination risks to water and the environment. Several interactive features encourage individuals to take voluntary proactive steps to protect Michigan's water resources and safeguard their health.



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