Native and Invasive Species
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Native and Invasive Species

Following are resources identifying and managing both native species as well as invasive species:


Native species are those found in Michigan natural communities prior to the European settlement.  These species have evolved and adapted to local conditions over thousands of years and provide critical habitat to other species.

Native Aquatic Species

Native Plant Species



Gypsy moth caterpillarSince the first European settlers began arriving on the North American continent hundreds of new species of plants, animals and pathogens have been either intentionally or accidentally introduced.  Although many have been incorporated into the landscape with little or no effect, others are more aggressive and threaten both species and landscapes.  These more aggressive species, that have the ability to impact other species and landscapes, are called invasive species.  Why should I care? 

Invasive Species Reference Guides

For information about native or invasive species contact MSU Extension-Oakland County at 248-858-0902. Click here to see additional publications of the MSU Extension.


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