Oakland County Master Gardener Volunteer Information
Oakland County, MichiganMSU ExtensionOakland County Master Gardener Volunteer Information

Oakland County Master Gardener Volunteer Information

Online Master Gardener Volunteer Reporting 
Master Gardener volunteers with Internet access now report all volunteer and educational hours online.
Prior to reporting volunteer and education hours, you first must be registered on the Master Gardener Volunteer Management System (VMS).  New Master Gardener class members will receive information about registering at the training classes.  If you have a problem registering, please contact beckyirey.emga@gmail.com or melissalaurenherrmann@gmail.com
Once you've registered you will then be able to submit your volunteer and education hours in the Volunteer Management System.  Paper reports can no longer be accepted at the Oakland County MSU Extension office.  If you need a VMS Buddy (someone to help you enter hours), please contact beckyirey.emga@gmail.com or melissalaurenherrmann@gmail.com 
All volunteer hours should in some capacity extend horticultural knowledge to the community and/or promote the MSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program.


Junior Master GardenersMaster Gardener Certification Guidelines

Web site to report volunteer hours & education: 
Basic certification deadline:
One year from the last day of your volunteer training to submit 40 hours.

Basic certification:
Master Gardener candidates must perform a minimum of forty (40) hours of volunteer service, of which a minimum of twenty (20) hours must be Required MSU Extension Volunteer Projects (see list below), to qualify for basic certification.

Annual Recertification:
January 1 through December 31.  Volunteer hours and education must be entered prior to December 31 for the current year.  Also, MSU Extension requires a $20.00 recertification fee each year through their web site.  Deadline for recertification fee payment is January 30th.

A minimum of fifteen (15) hours of volunteer time (can be chosen from any category (see Volunteer Projects below) plus a minimum of five (5) hours of education.

Advanced Master Gardener certification:
Fifty (50) volunteer hours and twenty-five (25) hours of advanced horticulture education must be completed within a five (5) year time frame.


Volunteer Projects

Required Volunteer Projects

  • MSU Extension Master Gardener Program Support
    • Teaching
    • Grading training class final exams
    • Class assistants and mentors
  • Horticultural Information Outreach
    • Writing articles for publication
    • Master Gardener information booths
  • Extension-affiliated
    • Plant-A-Row for the Hungry gardens
    • Master Gardener Society of Oakland County projects
    • Oakland County and Oakland County Parks projects
    • Other projects listed as "required" in The Oakland Gardener electronic newsletter

Personal Choice Volunteer Projects

All projects must have an educational outreach component.  MSU Extension Master Gardeners are not to be used for gardening maintenance alone.

  • Community Service Gardening
    • Projects at non-profit agencies:  churches, schools, libraries, municipalities, public parks and gardens (hours may include planning, meeting and other preparations)
    • Beautification projects - only if there is an educational outreach component
    • Detroit Zoo
    • Arranging educational programs for garden clubs and associations
    • Community tree boards/beautification committees

Hours that are NOT acceptable

  • Volunteering done outside of Michigan
  • Gardening for individuals (friends, family, neighbors, etc.)
  • Gardening done for for-profit entities
  • Travel to and from any volunteer site

Other projects may be pre-approved by the MSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Training Program Coordinator. 

For further information about the Master Gardener Volunteer Training Program please call 248-858-0880.


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