Yard & Garden

Yard & Garden

LilliesTrees, ornamental shrubs, lawns, flowers and vegetables are all challenged by insects and diseases.  Staff at our Garden Hotline answer Oakland County residents' questions and make recommendations.  Staff is also available to identify insects and diseases and offer solutions.

Interested in learning more?  Our Master Gardener Volunteer Program provides opportunities for learning AND volunteering! 


The Garden Hotline offers Oakland County residents and horticulture businesses expertise in problem-solving and educational resources for soils, fertilization, weed control, pesticide practices, plant disease and insect control, flowers, lawn care, fruit and vegetable gardening, tree and shrub management and more!  Contact staff with your questions at 248-858-0902.

MSU Extension encourages homeowners, wholesalers and retailers to have their soil tested.  Soil samples are tested at the MSU laboratory and nutrient recommendations are made.  Soil tests will tell you what nutrients are present in your soil and what nutrients need to be added for optimum plant growth.  Soil tests help you avoid over-application of fertilizers which can waste money, reduce plant quality and pollute streams, lakes and groundwater.  Based on soil test results, a custom fertilization program is developed to meet the needs of your plants and safeguard the environment.   Contact staff for further information at 248-858-0902.

The Michigan Master Gardener Volunteer Program is a horticulture education and volunteer leader training program offered by Michigan State University Extension in Oakland County.  An interest in plants, a personal commitment to volunteerism and an enthusiasm for sharing knowledge with others are the only prerequisites to apply.  ​  Call 248-858-0880 for further information.

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