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Trees & Shrubs Publications

The publications linked below are also available in our office or via e-mail.  Many bulletins are also available at the MSU Extension Bookstore.   


Trees & Shrubs-Diseasesflowering almond

Apple Scab on Crabapples (OC0348) 
Anthracnose of Deciduous Shade Trees (E1099)
Beech Bark Disease (E2746)
Black Walnut Toxicity (OC0280)
Canker Diseases (OC0278) 
Cedar Apple and Related Rusts on Landscape Plants (BP137W)
Chlorosis of Ornamental Plants (OC0284)
Cottony Maple Scale (OC0346)
Cytospora Canker (MSU-DS13)
Diplodia Tip Blight (OC0698)
Dogwood Anthracnose (MSU-DS04)
Dothistroma Needle Blight (OC0263) 
Dutch Elm Disease (HYG3308-08)
Fire Blight of Trees & Shrubs (E0841)
Leaf Scorch on Trees & Shrubs (OC0255)
Maple Tar Spot (MSU-DS15)
Oak Wilt in Michigan (E2764)
Phomopsis Canker of Spruce (E2417)
Pine Wilt Disease (MSU-DS23)
Rhizosphaera Needle Cast (MSU-DS30)
Shade Tree Disorder: Decline, dieback or early senescence (OC0262)
Sphaeropsis Tip Blight of Pines (BP24W)
Spruce Decline (CH0014)
Tree Decline (BP37W)
Tree Diseases 1 (OC0391)
Tree Diseases 2 (OC0392)
Tree Diseases 3 (OC0393)
Verticillium Wilt of Shade Trees & Woody Ornamentals (E1860)
Woody Ornamental Diseases(OC0394)


Trees & Shrubs-General

A homeowner's guide to nutrition and fertilization of landscape trees and shrubs (OC0721) 
Ash Tree Identification (E2942)
Autumn olive (invasive, OC0715)
Black locust (invasive, OC0719)
Causes of Bark Splitting on Trees (OC0476)
Christmas Trees (E3230)
Common buckthorn (invasive, OC0718)
Distinguishing Ash from Other Common Trees (E2892)
Don't Guess ... Soil Test (E3192)
Evergreen Needle Drop (OC0282)
Fertilizing Trees & Shrubs (MSU-DS09)
Glossy buckthorn (invasive, OC0716)
Growing Evergreen Trees from Seed (OC0279) 
Growing Nuts (NCR0237)
Homeowner's Guide to Nutrition and Fertilization of Landscape Trees & Shrubs  
Imprelis herbicide injury to landscape trees, a homeowner's guide (OC0699)
Identifying Trees of Michigan (E2332)
Japanese barberry (invasive, OC0713)
Japanese knotweed (invasive, OC0717)
Maple Syrup Production (Iowa State University F-337A)
Oriental bittersweet (invasive, OC0714)
Planting and Care of Ornamental Landscape Plants (E1947)
Pruning Ornamental Trees & Shrubs (Purdue HO4-W)
Pruning Trees & Shrubs (University of Minnesota Extension WW-00628)
Recommended Alternatives to Ash Trees (E2925)
Salt Tolerant Plants List (OC0257) 
Selecting Ornamental Plants (E1936)
Smart Trees and Shrubs for Michigan Landscapes (CH0009)
Swallow-worts (invasive, OC0720)
Taxus (Yew) Dieback (BP51W)
Tree & Shrub Planting Guidelines (MSU-DS08)
Tree Roots: Where Are They? (OC0478)
Tree Wound Dressings are Cosmetic (OC0251)
Why Trees Drop Leaves and Twigs (OC0405)
Winter Injury of Ornamentals (BP2W)
Winter Protection of Plant Material (OC0246)

Tree showing decline due to emerald ash borer damage

Trees & Shrubs-Insects & Pests

Asian Longhorned Beetle (E2693)
Balsam Twig Aphid, Biology & Management (E2813)
Birch Leafminer & Bronze Birch Borer (OC0268)
Boxelder Bugs (OC0142)
Calosoma Sychophanta: A Natural Enemy of Gypsy Moth Larvae & Pupae (E2622)
Cloth Banding Trees to Suppress the Gypsy Moth (E2300)
Common Oak Defoliators in Michigan (E2633)
Comparison of the Eastern Tent Caterpillar, Forest Tent Caterpillar & Gypsy Moth E2299)
Diagnosing Shoot-Boring Insects of Pines (NCR0528)
Directory of Exotic Forest Insect & Disease Pests (E2811)
Don't Be Fooled by Look-Alikes! Watch Out for the Exotic Emerald Ash Borer (E2944)
Eastern Tent Caterpillar
Emerald Ash Borer & Your Woodland: Why you should be concerned about the emerald ash borer (E2943)
Entomophaga Maimaiga: A Natural Enemy of Gypsy Moth (E2604)
European Sawfly: Identification & Management (E2694)
Gypsy Moth - Locating & Destroying Egg Masses (OC0408)
Fall Webworm: Identification & Management (E2695)
Gypsy Moth and Your Shade Tree (E2634)
Gypsy Moth in Michigan: Homeowner's Guide (E2302)
Homeowner Guide to Emerald Ash Borer Treatments (E2955)
Insect Galls on Trees and Shrubs (OC0258)
Insecticide Options for Protecting Ash Trees from Emerald Ash Borer (E3075)
Lecanium Scale Control (OC0137)
Magnolia Scale (OC0519)
Maple Petiole Borer (OC0283) 
My Ash Tree is Dead ... Now What Do I Do? (E2940)
Native Borers & Emerald Ash Borer Look-alikes: Native Ash Borers (E2939)
Orange-striped Oakworm: Identification & Management (E2654)
Pine Needle Scale - Biology and Management (E2812)
Pine Needle Midge (E2061)
Rose Chafer (OC0722)
Scale Insects (OC0152)
Signs & Symptoms of the Emerald Ash Borer (E2938)
Spruce Budworm (University of Minnesota, IPM of Midwest Landscapes)
Spruce Gall Adelgids (OC0328)
Western Conifer Pine Seed Bug (OC0424)


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