Lawn Publications

Lawn Publications

The publications that are linked below are also available in our office or via e-mail.  Many bulletins are also available at the MSU Extension Bookstore


grub damage on lawnLawn-Diseases

 Anthracnose (BP-108-W) 
 Brown Patch (BP-106-W) 
 Dollar Spot (BP-105-W) 
 Fairy Ring (BP-113-W) (file size 391k)
 Gray Leaf Spot (BP-107-W) 
 Gray Snow Mold (BP-101-W) 
 Leaf Rust (BP-110-W) 
 Leaf Spot/Melting Out (BP-103-W) 
 Necrotic Ring Spot (BP-116-W) 
 Pink Patch (PennState)
 Pink Snow Mold & Microdochium Patch (BP-102-W) 
 Powdery Mildew (BP-111-W) 
 Pythium Blight (BP-109-W) 
 Red Thread (BP-104-W) 
 Rhizoctonia Large Patch (BP-117-W) 
 Seasonal Activity of Turfgrass Pathogens (BP-125-W) 
 Slime Molds (BP-112-W) 
 Smut Diseases (BP-119-W) 
 Summer Patch (BP-115-W)
 Take All Patch (BP-114-W) 
 Turfgrass Diseases (OC0390) 
 Yellow Patch (BP-118-W) 


lawn mowerLawn-General

Choosing a Lawn Care Company (E2771) 
Cultivation of Lawns (E0003TURF) 
Don't Guess ... Soil Test (E3192)
Establishing a New Lawn Using Seed (E2910)
Establishing a New Lawn Using Sod (E2911) 
Fertilizer Basics for the Smart Gardener (CH0001)
Fertilizing Home Lawns to Preserve Water Quality (E0005TURF)
Flooding of Turf (E0020TURF)
Grass: Quick Tips for Homeowners (OC0425) 
Grasses for Michigan Lawns (OC0172)  
Ground Ivy in Lawns (E0006TURF)
Irrigation Practices to Preserve Water Quality (E0009TURF) 
Integrated Pest Management for Home Lawns (E0008TURF)
Lawns in Shade (OC0183) (file size 235k)
Maintaining Waterfront Turf to Preserve Water Quality (E0011TURF) 
Managing Yard Waste to Preserve Water Quality (E0012TURF)
Moss, Algae, and Slime Mold in Lawns (OC0177) 
Mow High for Weed and Grub Control (CH0004)
Mowing Lawn Turf (E0013TURF) 
Mulch Leaves into Turf for a Smart Lawn (CH0005)
Optimizing Cultural Practices to Improve Athletic Field Performance (E0018TURF) 
Phosphorus and Home Lawns (E0021TURF) 
Purchasing Quality Turfgrass Seed (E0014TURF) 
Smart Soils: What You Can Do to Reduce Phosphorus (CH0006)
 Smart Watering for Lawns (CH0007)
Summer Lawn Care (E3180)
Thatch in Lawns (OC0190) 
Topsoil for Turf & Landscape Use (OC0164) 
Turfgrass Species & Cultivar Selection (E2912) 
Watering Lawns (OC0193) 
Winterkill of Turfgrass (E0019TURF)
Working with Wet Areas in the Landscape (OC0165) 
Zoysia Grass (OC0191) 


Lawn-Insects & Pests

Bluegrass Billbug (E2497) 
European Chafer (E0022TURF)
Hairy Chinch Bug (E2496) 
Home Lawn Grub Control Products (E0024TURF)
Integrated Pest Management for Home Lawns (OC0427)
Japanese Beetle (E0010TURF) 
Sod Webworm (E2498) 
Turf Pests (OC0389) 
White Grubs (E2499)



Michigan State University provides an excellent lawn weed identification and control resource at MSU Turf Weeds.  This web site offers a step-by-step guide to identifying lawn weeds as well as their management and control. 
Crabgrass Control in Home Lawns (E0002TURF) 

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