Fruit Publications

Fruit Publications

The publications that are linked below are also available in our office or via e-mail.  Many bulletins are also available at the MSU Extension Bookstore



Apple Scab (MSU-DS12) 
Black Knot of Plums & Cherries (HYG3011-08)
Blueberry Diseases in Michigan (E1731) 
Common Diseases of the Grapevine in Michigan (E1732) 
Controlling Apple Scab on Crabapples (OC0348)
Fruit Rots of Blueberry (HYG3213-11) 
Michigan Blueberry Facts: Anthracnose Fruit Rot (Ripe Rot) (E3039)
Michigan Blueberry Facts: Blueberry Aphid & Blueberry Shoestring Virus (E3050) 
Michigan Blueberry Facts: Blueberry Fruit Rot Identification Guide (E2847) 
Michigan Blueberry Facts: Virus & Virus like Diseases of Blueberries (E3048) 
Mummy Berry (HYG3200-11) 
Peach Leaf Curl (BP54W)



Donating Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (E3201)
Don't Guess ... Soil Test (E3192)
Effect of Cold Temperatures on Flower Buds of Fruit (OC0098)
Fertilizing Fruit Trees (OC0414)   
Fruit Crop Ecology & Management (E2759) 
Growing Cherries  (OC0089) 
Growing Raspberries in Wisconsin (A1610) 
Growing Small Fruits at Home (E3171)
Growing Strawberries in Wisconsin (A1597) 
Growing Table Grapes in a Temperate Climate (E2774) 
Growing Tree Fruits at Home (E3173)
Michigan Availability Guide
Plant Tissue Sampling for Determining Fertilizer Needs of Fruit Crops (E2482) 
Planting & Early Care of Fruit Trees (OC0500) 
Propagating High Bush Blueberries (E1680) 
Predicting Harvest Yields in Juice & Wine Grape Vineyards (E3186)
Pruning Bearing Fruit Trees in the Home Orchard (OC0096)
Pruning the Orchard (Utah State University HG0363) 
Raspberry Variety Choices for Michigan (MSU Extension website)
Table Grape Varieties for Michigan (E2642) 
Vineyard Establishment II: Planting & Early Care of Vineyards (E2645) 
Wine Grape Varieties for Michigan (E2643) 


Fruit-Insects & Pests

Avoidance & Management of Nematode Problems in Tree Fruit Production in Michigan (E2419)
Major Apple Pests: Approximate Emergence Dates, How to Identify (OC0090) 
Blueberry Facts: Japanese Beetle (E2845)
Blueberry Gall Midge (E3191) 
Pest Control in Small Vineyards (E2698)
(A) Pocket Guide for IPM Scouting in Stone Fruits (E2840)
Rose Chafer (OC0722)
Seasonal Integrated Pest Management Checklist for Orchards (FAS0105) 
Small Fruit Insect Pests & Their Control: A Homeowner's Perspective (E1864)
Spotted Wing Drosophila: A New Invasive Pest of Michigan Fruit Crops (E3140)
Spray Schedule for Pest Control on Apples, Crabapples, Quince & Pears (OC0512)
Spray Schedule for Pest Control on Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots, Cherries & Plums (OC0513)
Spray Schedule for Pest Control on Brambles (Blackberries/Raspberries) (OC0514)
Spray Schedule for Pest Control on Strawberries (OC0515)
Spray Schedule for Pest Control on Blueberries (OC0516)
Spray Schedule for Pest Control on Grapes (OC0518) 



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