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Food - General

Activity: Should Your Child be Getting More? (WO1010)Apples - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0016)
Asparagus - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0028)
Balancing Food & Physical Activity (WO1014)
Blueberries - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0021)
Broccoli - Using Storing and Preserving (HNI0012)
Cabbage, Using, Storing and Preserving (E2660)
Cauliflower - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0020)
Cherries - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0011)
Chicken Eggs (E3216)
Cornmeal - Using and Storing (E2073)
Dried Beans and Peas, Cooking and Using (E1705)
Fresh Herbs- Tips for Buying and Using (E3179)
Garlic - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0116)
Honey, Using and Storing (E2071)
Kale - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0120)
Kohlrabi - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0045)
Lake Whitefish (E3211)
Leeks - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0051)
Nonfat Dry Milk, Using and Storing (E1703)
Peaches - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0100)
Peanut Butter, Using and Storing (E1706)
Pears - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0022)
Peppers - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0025)
Pork - Handling, Using and Storing (E3214)
Potatoes - Using and Storing (HNI0014))
Processed Cheese, Using and Storing (E1707)
Radishes - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0050)
Raspberries - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0013)
Rice - Using and Storing (E2072)
Rhubarb - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0048)
Storing Garden Vegetables in Michigan (OC0296)
Strawberries - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0031)
Summer Squash - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0018)
Sweet Corn - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0030)
Tomatoes - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0017)
Wheat Flour, Using and Storing  (E1893)


Apples - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0016)

Asparagus - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0028)

Basics of Water Bath Canning (HNI0117)

Beets - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0010)

Blueberries - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0021)

Broccoli - Using Storing and Preserving (HNI0012)

Brussels Sprouts - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0053)

Cabbage, Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0009)

Carrots, Using Storing and Preserving (HNI0015)

Cauliflower - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0020)

Cherries - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0011)

Cucumber Pickles - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0043)

Eggplant- Using, Storing and Preserving (E3194)

Freezing Food (E3195)

Garlic - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0116)

Greens - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0118)

Kohlrabi - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0045)

Okra - Using, Storing and Preserving (E3196)

Onions - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0024)

Parsnips - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0044)

Peaches - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0100)

Pears - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0022)

Peas - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0115)

Peppers - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0025)

Plums, Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0114)

Potatoes - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0014)

Pressure Canning Basics (HNI0097)

Pumpkins - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0029)

Raspberries - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0013)

Rhubarb - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0048)

Rutabagas - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0052)

Snap Beans - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0027)

Storing Garden Vegetables in Michigan (OC0296)

Sweet Potatoes - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0026)

Strawberries - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0031)

Summer Squash - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0018)

Sweet Corn - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0030)

Tomatoes - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0017)

Turnips - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0046)

Winter Squash - Using, Storing and Preserving (HNI0019)


grub damage on lawn 


 Anthracnose (BP-108-W) 
 Brown Patch (BP-106-W) 
 Dollar Spot (BP-105-W) 
 Fairy Ring (BP-113-W) (file size 391k)
 Gray Leaf Spot (BP-107-W) 
 Gray Snow Mold (BP-101-W) 
 Leaf Rust (BP-110-W) 
 Leaf Spot/Melting Out (BP-103-W) 
 Necrotic Ring Spot (BP-116-W) 
 Pink Patch (PennState)
 Pink Snow Mold & Microdochium Patch (BP-102-W) 
 Powdery Mildew (BP-111-W) 
 Pythium Blight (BP-109-W) 
 Red Thread (BP-104-W) 
 Rhizoctonia Large Patch (BP-117-W) 
 Seasonal Activity of Turfgrass Pathogens (BP-125-W) 
 Slime Molds (BP-112-W) 
 Smut Diseases (BP-119-W) 
 Summer Patch (BP-115-W)
 Take All Patch (BP-114-W) 
 Turfgrass Diseases (OC0390) 
 Yellow Patch (BP-118-W) 

 lawn mower


Choosing a Lawn Care Company (E2771) 
Cultivation of Lawns (E0003TURF) 
Don't Guess ... Soil Test (E3192)
Establishing a New Lawn Using Seed (E2910)
Establishing a New Lawn Using Sod (E2911) 
Fertilizer Basics for the Smart Gardener (CH0001)
Fertilizing Home Lawns to Preserve Water Quality (E0005TURF)
Flooding of Turf (E0020TURF)
Grass: Quick Tips for Homeowners (OC0425) 
Grasses for Michigan Lawns (OC0172)  
Ground Ivy in Lawns (E0006TURF)
Irrigation Practices to Preserve Water Quality (E0009TURF) 
Integrated Pest Management for Home Lawns (E0008TURF)
Lawns in Shade (OC0183) (file size 235k)
Maintaining Waterfront Turf to Preserve Water Quality (E0011TURF) 
Managing Yard Waste to Preserve Water Quality (E0012TURF)
Moss, Algae, and Slime Mold in Lawns (OC0177) 
Mow High for Weed and Grub Control (CH0004)
Mowing Lawn Turf (E0013TURF) 
Mulch Leaves into Turf for a Smart Lawn (CH0005)
Optimizing Cultural Practices to Improve Athletic Field Performance (E0018TURF) 
Phosphorus and Home Lawns (E0021TURF) 
Purchasing Quality Turfgrass Seed (E0014TURF) 
Smart Soils: What You Can Do to Reduce Phosphorus (CH0006)
 Smart Watering for Lawns (CH0007)
Summer Lawn Care (E3180)
Thatch in Lawns (OC0190) 
Topsoil for Turf & Landscape Use (OC0164) 
Turfgrass Species & Cultivar Selection (E2912) 
Watering Lawns (OC0193) 
Winterkill of Turfgrass (E0019TURF)
Working with Wet Areas in the Landscape (OC0165) 
Zoysia Grass (OC0191) 


Lawn-Insects & Pests

Bluegrass Billbug (E2497) 
European Chafer (E0022TURF)
Hairy Chinch Bug (E2496) 
Home Lawn Grub Control Products (E0024TURF)
Integrated Pest Management for Home Lawns (OC0427)
Japanese Beetle (E0010TURF) 
Sod Webworm (E2498) 
Turf Pests (OC0389) 
White Grubs (E2499)



Michigan State University provides an excellent lawn weed identification and control resource at MSU Turf Weeds.  This web site offers a step-by-step guide to identifying lawn weeds as well as their management and control. 
Crabgrass Control in Home Lawns (E0002TURF) 


GARDENING - Native Plants,

Going Native Can Be a Smart Choice for Michigan Landscapes (CH0002)
Landscaping with Native Plants (OC0486)
Smart Lakefront Plants (CH0003)
Smart Trees and Shrubs for Michigan Landscapes (CH0009)


The following link is to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources web site:

Michigan Plant Species


GARDENING - Trees & Shrubs,

 flowering almond

   Trees & Shrubs-Diseases

Apple Scab on Crabapples (OC0348) 
Anthracnose of Deciduous Shade Trees (E1099)
Beech Bark Disease (E2746)
Black Walnut Toxicity (OC0280)
Canker Diseases (OC0278) 
Cedar Apple and Related Rusts on Landscape Plants (BP137W)
Chlorosis of Ornamental Plants (OC0284)
Cottony Maple Scale (OC0346)
Cytospora Canker (MSU-DS13)
Diplodia Tip Blight (OC0698)
Dogwood Anthracnose (MSU-DS04)
Dothistroma Needle Blight (OC0263) 
Dutch Elm Disease (HYG3308-08)
Fire Blight of Trees & Shrubs (E0841)
Leaf Scorch on Trees & Shrubs (OC0255)
Maple Tar Spot (MSU-DS15)
Oak Wilt in Michigan (E2764)
Phomopsis Canker of Spruce (E2417)
Pine Wilt Disease (MSU-DS23)
Rhizosphaera Needle Cast (MSU-DS30)
Shade Tree Disorder: Decline, dieback or early senescence (OC0262)
Sphaeropsis Tip Blight of Pines (BP24W)
Spruce Decline (CH0014)
Tree Decline (BP37W)
Tree Diseases 1 (OC0391)
Tree Diseases 2 (OC0392)
Tree Diseases 3 (OC0393)
Verticillium Wilt of Shade Trees & Woody Ornamentals (E1860)
Woody Ornamental Diseases(OC0394)


Trees & Shrubs-General

A homeowner's guide to nutrition and fertilization of landscape trees and shrubs (OC0721) 
Ash Tree Identification (E2942)
Autumn olive (invasive, OC0715)
Black locust (invasive, OC0719)
Causes of Bark Splitting on Trees (OC0476)
Christmas Trees (E3230)
Common buckthorn (invasive, OC0718)
Distinguishing Ash from Other Common Trees (E2892)
Don't Guess ... Soil Test (E3192)
Evergreen Needle Drop (OC0282)
Fertilizing Trees & Shrubs (MSU-DS09)
Glossy buckthorn (invasive, OC0716)
Growing Evergreen Trees from Seed (OC0279) 
Growing Nuts (NCR0237)
Homeowner's Guide to Nutrition and Fertilization of Landscape Trees & Shrubs  
Imprelis herbicide injury to landscape trees, a homeowner's guide (OC0699)
Identifying Trees of Michigan (E2332)
Japanese barberry (invasive, OC0713)
Japanese knotweed (invasive, OC0717)
Maple Syrup Production (Iowa State University F-337A)
Oriental bittersweet (invasive, OC0714)
Planting and Care of Ornamental Landscape Plants (E1947)
Pruning Ornamental Trees & Shrubs (Purdue HO4-W)
Pruning Trees & Shrubs (University of Minnesota Extension WW-00628)
Recommended Alternatives to Ash Trees (E2925)
Salt Tolerant Plants List (OC0257) 
Selecting Ornamental Plants (E1936)
Smart Trees and Shrubs for Michigan Landscapes (CH0009)
Swallow-worts (invasive, OC0720)
Taxus (Yew) Dieback (BP51W)
Tree & Shrub Planting Guidelines (MSU-DS08)
Tree Roots: Where Are They? (OC0478)
Tree Wound Dressings are Cosmetic (OC0251)
Why Trees Drop Leaves and Twigs (OC0405)
Winter Injury of Ornamentals (BP2W)
Winter Protection of Plant Material (OC0246)

Tree showing decline due to emerald ash borer damage

Trees & Shrubs-Insects & Pests

Asian Longhorned Beetle (E2693)
Balsam Twig Aphid, Biology & Management (E2813)
Birch Leafminer & Bronze Birch Borer (OC0268)
Boxelder Bugs (OC0142)
Calosoma Sychophanta: A Natural Enemy of Gypsy Moth Larvae & Pupae (E2622)
Cloth Banding Trees to Suppress the Gypsy Moth (E2300)
Common Oak Defoliators in Michigan (E2633)
Comparison of the Eastern Tent Caterpillar, Forest Tent Caterpillar & Gypsy Moth E2299)
Diagnosing Shoot-Boring Insects of Pines (NCR0528)
Directory of Exotic Forest Insect & Disease Pests (E2811)
Don't Be Fooled by Look-Alikes! Watch Out for the Exotic Emerald Ash Borer (E2944)
Eastern Tent Caterpillar
Emerald Ash Borer & Your Woodland: Why you should be concerned about the emerald ash borer (E2943)
Entomophaga Maimaiga: A Natural Enemy of Gypsy Moth (E2604)
European Sawfly: Identification & Management (E2694)
Gypsy Moth - Locating & Destroying Egg Masses (OC0408)
Fall Webworm: Identification & Management (E2695)
Gypsy Moth and Your Shade Tree (E2634)
Gypsy Moth in Michigan: Homeowner's Guide (E2302)
Homeowner Guide to Emerald Ash Borer Treatments (E2955)
Insect Galls on Trees and Shrubs (OC0258)
Insecticide Options for Protecting Ash Trees from Emerald Ash Borer (E3075)
Lecanium Scale Control (OC0137)
Magnolia Scale (OC0519)
Maple Petiole Borer (OC0283) 
My Ash Tree is Dead ... Now What Do I Do? (E2940)
Native Borers & Emerald Ash Borer Look-alikes: Native Ash Borers (E2939)
Orange-striped Oakworm: Identification & Management (E2654)
Pine Needle Scale - Biology and Management (E2812)
Pine Needle Midge (E2061)
Rose Chafer (OC0722)
Scale Insects (OC0152)
Signs & Symptoms of the Emerald Ash Borer (E2938)
Spruce Budworm (University of Minnesota, IPM of Midwest Landscapes)
Spruce Gall Adelgids (OC0328)
Western Conifer Pine Seed Bug (OC0424)


GARDENING - Vegetables,

Asparagus Miner (E3143)
Blossom End Rot (CH0018)
Common Vegetable Insects (OC0302)
Disease and Insect Pests of Asparagus (E3219)
Don't Guess ... Soil Test (E3192)

Drying and Preserving Gourds (OC0301)
Early Blight of Tomato (CH0016)
Fall Vegetable Crops (E3172)
Fertilizer Basics for the Smart Gardener (CH0001)
Fresh Produce Donation Guidelines for Gardeners  (E3201)
Garlic (E2722)
Growing Tomatoes (E3174)
Hop Production (E3083)
Hydroponics at Home (E1853)
Late Blight of Tomato (CH0017)
May is Morel Month (E2755)
Michigan Availability Guide
Organic Vegetable Production (ID316W)
Rhubarb - Cultural Guidelines for Michigan (E1577)
Selecting Healthy Transplants Pay Big Dividends (E3175)
Septoria Leaf Spot of Tomato (CH0015)
Starting Seeds (E3176)
Tomato Diseases in the Home Garden (E3170)
Vegetable Diseases I (OC0397)
Vegetable Diseases II (OC0398)
Vegetable Diseases III (OC0399)
Vegetable Diseases IV (OC0400) 


Common Weed Seedlings of the North Central States (NCR0607)
Consulting Foresters (OC0326)
Directory of Exotic Forest Insect and Disease Pests (E2811)
Emerald Ash Borer & Your Woodland (E2943)
Forest Resource Management Terminology (NCR0478)
Herbicides for Year-of-Planting Weed Control in Hardwood & Conifer Plantations (E2752)
How Much Lumber in that Tree?  (E2915)
Michigan Forest Communities - A Field Guide and Reference (E3000)
Northern Hardwood Forest Management (E2769)
Planting Oaks for Timber & Other Uses (NCR0605)
Recommended Species for Christmas Tree Plantings (NCR0479)
Site Preparation and & Tree Planting for Forest Production (E2753)
To Sell or Not to Sell: Important Considerations When Harvesting Hardwoods for Income (E2832)
Water Quality Best Management Practices on Forest Land (E2770)



Apple Scab (MSU-DS12) 
Black Knot of Plums & Cherries (HYG3011-08)
Blueberry Diseases in Michigan (E1731) 
Common Diseases of the Grapevine in Michigan (E1732) 
Controlling Apple Scab on Crabapples (OC0348)
Fruit Rots of Blueberry (HYG3213-11) 
Michigan Blueberry Facts: Anthracnose Fruit Rot (Ripe Rot) (E3039)
Michigan Blueberry Facts: Blueberry Aphid & Blueberry Shoestring Virus (E3050) 
Michigan Blueberry Facts: Blueberry Fruit Rot Identification Guide (E2847) 
Michigan Blueberry Facts: Virus & Virus like Diseases of Blueberries (E3048) 
Mummy Berry (HYG3200-11) 
Peach Leaf Curl (BP54W)



Donating Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (E3201)
Don't Guess ... Soil Test (E3192)
Effect of Cold Temperatures on Flower Buds of Fruit (OC0098)
Fertilizing Fruit Trees (OC0414)   
Fruit Crop Ecology & Management (E2759) 
Growing Cherries  (OC0089) 
Growing Raspberries in Wisconsin (A1610) 
Growing Small Fruits at Home (E3171)
Growing Strawberries in Wisconsin (A1597) 
Growing Table Grapes in a Temperate Climate (E2774) 
Growing Tree Fruits at Home (E3173)
Michigan Availability Guide
Plant Tissue Sampling for Determining Fertilizer Needs of Fruit Crops (E2482) 
Planting & Early Care of Fruit Trees (OC0500) 
Propagating High Bush Blueberries (E1680) 
Predicting Harvest Yields in Juice & Wine Grape Vineyards (E3186)
Pruning Bearing Fruit Trees in the Home Orchard (OC0096)
Pruning the Orchard (Utah State University HG0363) 
Raspberry Variety Choices for Michigan (MSU Extension website)
Table Grape Varieties for Michigan (E2642) 
Vineyard Establishment II: Planting & Early Care of Vineyards (E2645) 
Wine Grape Varieties for Michigan (E2643) 


Fruit-Insects & Pests

Avoidance & Management of Nematode Problems in Tree Fruit Production in Michigan (E2419)
Major Apple Pests: Approximate Emergence Dates, How to Identify (OC0090) 
Blueberry Facts: Japanese Beetle (E2845)
Blueberry Gall Midge (E3191) 
Pest Control in Small Vineyards (E2698)
(A) Pocket Guide for IPM Scouting in Stone Fruits (E2840)
Rose Chafer (OC0722)
Seasonal Integrated Pest Management Checklist for Orchards (FAS0105) 
Small Fruit Insect Pests & Their Control: A Homeowner's Perspective (E1864)
Spotted Wing Drosophila: A New Invasive Pest of Michigan Fruit Crops (E3140)
Spray Schedule for Pest Control on Apples, Crabapples, Quince & Pears (OC0512)
Spray Schedule for Pest Control on Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots, Cherries & Plums (OC0513)
Spray Schedule for Pest Control on Brambles (Blackberries/Raspberries) (OC0514)
Spray Schedule for Pest Control on Strawberries (OC0515)
Spray Schedule for Pest Control on Blueberries (OC0516)
Spray Schedule for Pest Control on Grapes (OC0518) 

GARDENING - Insects & Pests,


Attracting Beneficial Insects with Native Flowering Plants (E2973) 
Bedbugs: Questions & Answers (E2971) 
Bee & Wasp Stings (OC0149) 
Bees (OC0148) 
Beneficial Insects & Mites (OC0139) 
Biological Control of Insects (E2453) 
Black Vine Weevil (OC0406)
Boxelder Bugs (OC0142)
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
Carpenter Ants (OC0144)
Carpet Beetle (OC0690)
Chiggers (OC0151) 
Choosing a Pest Control Company (E2760)
Clothes Moths (OC0689)
Clover Mite (OC0119)
Cluster Flies (OC0687)
Cockroaches (OC0419)
Control Alternatives for Indoor Insects (OC0125)
Controlling Fungus Gnats (OC0138)
Dermestid Beetles: Carpet & Larder (OC0126) 
Detecting & Avoiding Nematode Problems (E2199)
Do-It-Yourself Pest Control (OC0203)
Earwigs (OC0141)
Flea Biology & Control (OC0143) 
Fleas: Questions & Answers (E2986) 
Fruit Flies, Drain Flies, Fungus Gnats (OC0416)
House Inspections & Insect Pests (OC0350)

Lady beetle Indian Meal Moth (OC0691)
Integrated Pest Management for the Home Gardener (OC0367)
Lady Beetles (OC0123)
(These) Ladybugs Are Driving Me Crazy! (OC0488)
Leaf-Feeding Caterpillars (OC0274) 
Millipedes, Centipedes & Sowbugs (OC0688) 
Mosquitoes & West Nile Virus (E2836)
Mosquitoes of Michigan - Biology & Control (OC0489) 
Natural Enemies in Your Garden: A Homeowner's Guide to Biological Control (E2719)
Non-Chemical Insect Control (OC0145)
Overwintering Home Invading Pests (OC0351)
Powderpost Beetles (OC0136)
Removing Bees and Wasps (OC0134)
Root Weevils (OC0403)
Slugs (OC0211)
Social Wasps: Yellow Jackets, Bald Face Hornets & Polistes (OC0146)
Solitary Wasps, Cicadia Killers & Mud Daubers (OC0147)
Spiders - Biology & Control (OC0140)
Spiders of Medical Importance (OC0330)
Springtails (OC0121) 
Tick Borne Illness in Michigan: Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Tularemia & Ehrlichiosis (E2765)
Ticks (OC0130)  
What You Should Know About West Nile Virus in Michigan (poster) (E2916) 

GARDENING - Plants & Landscape,

poison ivy

A Guide for the Selection & Use of Plants in the Landscape (E2941) 
Abiotic Plant Disorders: Symptoms, Signs & Solutions (E2996)
Clover Diseases (E1691) 
Clover Diseases II (E1692)
"Deer-Resistant" Plants for Homeowners (E3042) 
Don't Guess ... Soil Test (E3192)
Don't Pick Poison When Gathering Mushrooms (E2777)
Fertilizer Basics for the Smart Gardener (CH0001)
Fertilizing Garden & Landscape Plants & Lawns (NCR0356)
Giant Hogweed (E2935) 
Green Manure Cover Crops (OC0300) 
Ground Cover for Michigan (OC0250) 
Horsetail (Equisetum) (WS29W)
Organic Fertilizers (OC0288) 
Plant Propagation for Home Gardeners (OC0225) 
Poison Ivy: Identification, Prevention, Treatment & Control (E2946)
Poisonous Plants (OC0417) 
Powdery Mildew (OC0247)
Proper Seed Sampling Techniques (E0807) 
Salt Injury to Landscape Plants (OC0352)
Salt-Tolerant Plant List (OC0257) 
Selecting Healthy Garden Transplants Pay Big Dividends (E3175)
Selecting Plants for Extensive Green Roofs (E3047)
Wildfire Resistant Landscape Plants for Michigan (E2948) 


PESTICIDE - Applicator Manual Information,

E3008 Commercial core manual cover

Pesticide Applicator Training Manuals
for certification and registration through the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development may be purchased from the MSU Extension-Oakland County office during business hours. 

We stock most manuals, but call first (248-858-0880) to confirm  availability.   We accept cash, checks and credit cards.

  • The Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD) provides an online pesticide examination scheduling system to make it easier and more convenient for certified pesticide applicators to find and register for their required examinations.  Applicants can now schedule their own appointment through the self-service link.   Their website also includes a frequently asked questions page about the pesticide applicator exam process and a listing of certification/recertification training seminars.

    Please direct all questions to the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development regarding certification training and testing dates.


    Online Learning

    Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Academy Online

    MSU is now offering Integrated Pest Management Academy Online, a series of online prerecorded webinars.  Commercial and private core pesticide recertification credits are available for Michigan applicators. 

  • NATURAL RESOURCES - Lakes, Ponds, Wetlands & Aquatic Plants,

    Managing a shoreline


    Aquatic Plants and Exotics
    Aquatic Plant Management: Identifying & Managing Aquatic Vegetation (Purdue University, APM-3-W)
    Biological Control of Eurasian Watermilfoil: A Review of the Native Watermilfoil Weevil (WQ0061)
    Common Aquatic Plants of Michigan (EQC2761)
    Considering Aquatic Ecosystems: The basis for Michigan's new Water Withdrawal Assessment Process (WQ0060)
    A Field Guide for Invasive Plants of Aquatic and Wetland Habitats of Michigan (CH0010)
    A Field Identification Guide to Invasive Plants in Michigan's Natural Communities  (CH0011)
    Guide to the Identification, Mapping and Management of Aquatic Plants of Michigan (WQ0055)
    Integrated Pest Management for Nuisance Exotics in Michigan Inland Lakes (WQ0056)
    Management of Aquatic Plants (OC0490)
    A Michigan Boater's Guide to Selected Invasive Aquatic Plants (E3189)
    Nuisance Aquatic Plant Control (Michigan DEQ)
    Nuisance Aquatic Plant Control Using Algicides and Herbicides (OC0014)
    A Guide to the Control and Management of Invasive Phragmites (common reed)

    Lakes, Ponds & Wetlands
    Does this shoreline restoration require a permit? (OC0675)
    A Field Guide for Invasive Plants of Aquatic and Wetland Habitats of Michigan
    Great Lakes Wetlands: A Field Guide (E2756)

    Lakescaping: Answers to Homeowner Questions About Lakescaping (OC0674)
    Lakescaping for Wildlife and Water Quality (Minnesota's Bookstore) ($19.95)
    Landscaping for Water Quality (OC0676)
    Living with Michigan's Wetlands: A Homeowner's Guide (OC0524)
    Maintaining Waterfront Turf to Preserve Water Quality (E0011TURF)
    Managing Michigan Ponds for Sport Fishing (E1554)
    Natural Shorelines for Inland Lakes
    A Guide to the Control and Management of Invasive Phragmites (common reed), Third Edition
    Ponds - Planning, Design, Construction (OC0447) 
    Pond Management - Frequently Asked Questions (OC0672)
    Protect Your Great Lakes Shoreline Home From Wildfires (E3203)
    Protecting Michigan's Vanishing Native Shoreline (OC0673)
    Protecting Wetlands Along the Great Lakes Shoreline (E2751)
    Rebuilding an Eroding Bank on an Inland Lake: A Comparison of Traditional & Prefabricated Encapsulated Soil Lifts (E3198)
    Smart Lakefront Plants (CH0003)
    Smart Soils: What You Can Do to Reduce Phosphorus? (CH0006)
    Water Garden Care (OC0712)
    The Water's Edge
    What can you do to be "phosphorus smart"? (E3135)


    NATURAL RESOURCES - Water Resources,

    Many other bulletins are available at the MSU Extension Bookstore

    Drinking Water
    Nitrate - A Drinking Water Concern (WQ0019)
    Plugging Abandoned Wells (WQ0040) ($1.00)

    Water Resources
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