Frequently Asked Questions: Plant & Pest Hotline/Diagnostic Clinic
Oakland County, MichiganMSU ExtensionFrequently Asked Questions: Plant & Pest Hotline/Diagnostic Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions: Plant & Pest Hotline/Diagnostic Clinic

Please contact MSU Extension-Oakland to answer any of your questions or call 248-858-0902.

What are your hours?

 April through September:  Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am to 12:00 noon and 1:00 to 4:00 pm. 
October through March (non-growing season): Open only on Mondays, 9:00 am to 12:00 noon

Hours may vary due to staff training.  Please call us at 248-858-0902 before bringing in samples.

Do you charge for your services?

Yes, we charge a small fee of $5.00 per visit (cash or checks only).


How do I submit a plant or insect sample?

It's best to contact us first at 248-858-0902 as different items have varying submission guidelines.


Can I e-mail photographs?

Yes.  You will need to take multiple photos that show the damaged area clearly and attach these photos in an Email Message to us.  There is no cost for assistance via email.  We do have a 5 MB attachment size limit.  If necessary, you may need to send more than one message so that the attachments do not exceed this limit.


Do you come out to homes to answer questions?

No, we do not come out to individual homes.


Can you recommend lawn care/pest control/landscape companies?

No, we are not permitted to make commercial recommendations.


Can you tell me where I can find a certain tree/flower/shrub, etc.?

No, we do not maintain commercial inventory lists.


Does MSU Extension test water for determining the quality of irrigation water for use in growing plants?

Yes, contact the MSU Extension Plant and Pest Hotline at 248-858-0902 for more information on how to get irrigation water (from wells, ponds, ditches, etc.) tested at the MSU Soil and Plant Nutrient Laboratory to determine if it is suitable for use in growing plants.  Complete water analyses, tests for nitrates, sodium, chloride, total soluble salts and pH are available.