Frequently Asked Questions: Natural Resources
Oakland County, MichiganMSU ExtensionFrequently Asked Questions: Natural Resources

Frequently Asked Questions: Natural Resources

Please contact MSU Extension-Oakland to answer any of your questions or call 248-858-0887.

Does MSU Extension test well water or surface water?

No, MSU Extension does not test drinking water wells or surface water.  The Oakland County Health Division offers a free service of testing well waters for bacteria, fluorides, chlorides, nitrates, nitrites and sulfates for Oakland County residents.
The Oakland County Health Division also offers a free service to Oakland County residents for testing surface waters for E. coli bacteria as well as swimming waters for Standard Plate Count and E. coli for facilities in Oakland County.
For more information and instructions on how to get your water tested, please call the Oakland County Health Division at 248-858-1312.
Other types of water testing, such as lead, arsenic, hardness, etc. can be tested by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ).  Call 517-335-8184 for information and bottles.  There is a small fee.

Can someone from MSU Extension come out to my house to help me identify ways that I can manage my pond or lake or other natural resource issues?

No.  In the past, MSU Extension-Oakland County had a volunteer from the Michigan Water Stewardship Program who could work one-on-one with homeowners on a variety of natural resource management issues on their property.  However, due to program budget cuts in the fall of 2009, we no longer have someone in this position.  For more information and resources on your issue, see our Natural Resources page or please call 248-858-1639 for educational resources.