Frequently Asked Questions: Land Use
Oakland County, MichiganMSU ExtensionFrequently Asked Questions: Land Use

Frequently Asked Questions: Land Use

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What is the Citizen Planner program?

Michigan Citizen Planner is a program of MSU Extension.  It is a training program for local residents who serve on, or have potential to serve on, local planning boards, commissions or committees.

How can I attend Citizen Planner training?

Citizen Planner is available both through classroom instruction and on-line.  More information can be found on the Citizen Planner website.

What does it cost to participate in Citizen Planner?

The standard 7-session program is $350.00 per person.  If four or more people register from the same local unit of government, the cost is discounted to $290.00 per person.

What is a Master Citizen Planner?

A Citizen Planner can earn the distinction of Master Citizen Planner by completing the 7-session program, taking an examination and completing an approved capstone project.

If I become a Master Citizen Planner, am I always a Master Citizen Planner?

In order to maintain that status you must complete a minimum of six (6) hours of Master Citizen Planner approved continuing education every two (2) years.

What is the advantage of being a Master Citizen Planner?

Master Citizen Planners (MCP) are eligible for discounts on additional training and for scholarships for annual conferences and regional training offered by partnering organizations.  The MCP credential is recognized as the standard of excellence among planning officials and community leaders in Michigan.