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Nutrition, Health & Wellness Classes & Activities

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Upcoming 2015 programs being presented by Robin Danto, Food Safety & Nutrition Extension Educator:

September 2 - Farmers Market presentation (Novi)

September 3 - Senior Market FRESH (Waterford)

September 4 - Senior Day Nutrition presentation (State Fair) and Senior Market FRESH (Novi)

September 5 - Food safety presentation (Novi)

September 10 - School nutrition presentation (West Bloomfield)

September 12 - Farmers market presentation (Huron Valley)

September 15 - Senior Market FRESH (Waterford)

September 17 - Senior Market FRESH (Oakland County Farmers Market)

September 19 - Pressure canner dial gauge testing and kids nutrition activity (Oakland County Farmers Market)

September 20 - Farmers Market presentation (Franklin)

September 24 - Senior Market FRESH (Oakland County Farmers Market)

September 26 - All About Michigan Apples presentation (Oakland County Farmers Market)

September 27 - Farmers market presentation

September 29 - Farm to School presentation (Waterford)

September 19 - Pressure canner dial gauge testing (Oakland County Farmers Market)
Attention all home canners!  Oakland County MSU Extension will be checking pressure canner gauges on Saturday, September 19 at the Oakland County Farmers Market, 2350 Pontiac Lake Road, Waterford from 10:00-11:00 am.

What you need to know before having your pressure canner gauge tested:
  • Pressure canners have either a dial gauge or a weighted gauge to indicate and regulate pressure.
  • Weighted gauges rock gently or make a jiggling noise to indicate they are maintaining the proper pressure. Weighted gauges do not need testing for accuracy.
  • Dial gauges, on the other hand, should be tested for accuracy each year. Gauges that read high will lead to under-processed products that may result in canned goods that are unsafe to eat. Low readings cause over-processed foods with reduced quality. Pressure adjustments can be made if the gauge reads up to 2 pounds off either way. Gauges that differ by more than 2 pounds of pressure must be replaced.

For more information, contact Robin Danto at 248/858-0904 or

The following program series are presented to community groups, organizations, and schools (age appropriate) by MSU Extension staff.  Programs are offered in English, Spanish, Arabic or American Sign Language.  Call  248-858-0897 for further information or to schedule these programs.
Class series are taught throughout the community, including but not limited to community centers, churches, schools and local MSU Extension offices. Group series are available if there are six to 15 people, and at least half of the group is Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) eligible.
Cooking Matters for Adults is a nutrition program where participants will learn how to eat healthy, cook and grocery shop on a limited budget. The program consists of six lessons, lasting approximately two hours each. With the help of an experienced chef and nutrition educator, participants will gain the skills and confidence to make healthy, budget friendly meals for their family.
Each week, participants will receive take-home food, which they can use at home to practice a recipe they learned in class. The class series also includes:
  • Participatory food preparation that provides cooking and food safety instruction
  • Engaging nutrition activities and discussions
  • Practice with food budgeting
  • Interactive grocery store visit and $10 challenge
  • Recipe book for use at home
  • Certificate of completion
  • Short physical activity component lasting 5 minutes or less
This series is aimed at helping parents/caregivers make simple and tasty meals for their families that won't break their bank.  MSU Extension-Oakland nutrition instructors will provide nutrition education, food demonstrations and take-home materials. The class series also includes a short physical activity component lastng 5 minutes or less.
This nutrition series consists of fun, interactive activities for 55-74 year olds designed to encourage older adults to increase fruit and vegetable consumption as well as physical activity. 
Learn to stretch your food dollars to fit your meal plan, learn about food preservation and maintain a healthy weight with Eating Right is Basic from Michigan State University Extension. This eight to 10 week session can be offered in a variety of community settings. Participants will learn about goal setting, custom nutrition and physical activity to suite each person, eating more fruits and vegetables, portion sizes, becoming familiar with Dietary Guideline numbers, Food labels 101, healthy habits and fat facts.  High school students and adults can participate in this series.

Healthy Harvest
Growing your own vegetables has many benefits, including healthier eating and reduced stress. The Healthy Harvest program is designed to help participants learn basic gardening skills and use what they grow to prepare healthy and tasty meals. The program is a partnership of MSU Extension’s health and nutrition and Master Gardener programs.
Show Me Nutrition
This 6-week program is aimed at an audience of pre-kindergarten through 8th grade.  These lessons are interactive and appeal to a wide variety of learning styles.  Many of the activities are hands-on and each lesson has a book that accompanies it to reinforce literacy.  Each grade level is age-appropriate.  Topics covered:  food safety, positive body image, world hunger, physical activity and general nutrition. 

A correspondence course for anyone wishing to learn canning, freezing, or drying techniques using up-to-date information and methods so the food preserved is safe to eat.  Contact:  Robin Danto at 248-858-0904.
The Michigan Cottage Food Law allows Michigan residents to manufacture and store particular foods in an unlicensed kitchen, such as a residential home. Through this program participants will learn about the Cottage food law and other principles you can use to provide safe products. Cottage Food Law Food Safety training educates on preparing and selling foods under the Cottage Food Law, producing a safe food product, production, packaging and labeling, storing and transporting.  Cost: $10.00.
For further information about classes and activities on nutrition, health and wellness, please contact MSU Extension-Oakland County, 248-858-0897.