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About MSU Extension-Oakland

Mission Statement

4-H Book Buddies groupMichigan State University Extension helps people improve their lives through an educational process that applies knowledge to critical needs, issues and opportunities.


MSU Extension was created from the understanding that research is valuable only if the results are available to the people who need it.  In 1912 the Michigan Legislature authorized county boards of supervisors (now county boards of commissioners) to appropriate funds and levy taxes to advance use of research findings through a local network of Extension professionals.  In 1914 Congress passed the Smith-Lever Act, creating the Cooperative Extension Service and directed the nation's land grant universities (in Michigan it's Michigan State University) to oversee its work.

The federal/state/local government funding partnership supports the work and grants from foundations and the private sector enhance and expand it.


MSU Extension - Oakland County informational brochure

Oakland Press, April 9, 2015  Springfield Oaks Activity Center hosts 4-H Discovery Day,

West Bloomfield Today magazine, Spring 2014  Battling the Aquatic Invasion, written by Bindu Bhakta, Water/Natural Resources Educator

Oakland Press, June 2, 2013  Area's young riders 'learn the ropes' of horsemanship (4-H)

Oakland Press, May 6, 2013  MSU Extension Tollgate Education Center & Farm provides hands-on look at food production

Impacts We've Made in Oakland County

MSU Extension staff conducts program evaluations in order to track results and impacts we've made in Oakland County. These reports contain descriptions of effective educational programming in Oakland County. 

How has MSU Extension impacted the lives of Michigan residents? Interviews celebrating MSU Extension's centennial will answer the question - "What does Extension mean to you?"

MSU Extension Leadership Council of Oakland County

The MSU Extension Leadership Council of Oakland County works in partnership with MSU Extension-Oakland County staff  to ensure vibrant and dynamic educational programming efforts that focus on identified priorities, reach diverse audiences and are fully funded.

For further information please contact MSU Extension-Oakland County, 248-858-0880.