Clubs / Membership

​Take a look at what our clubs have to offer in Oakland County. Contact the club leader directly to see if that club will be a good match for your family. From there, contact our office to get started on the enrollment process or visit the 4-H Online website

 4-H Club List 2022

Don't see something you like? Start your own club! All it takes to start a club is five youth ages 5-19 from two families and one or two adults willing and able to complete the Michigan 4-H Volunteer Selection Process. Clubs typically meet a minimum of six times per year through a variety of service models. Those models include:

  • Community or General Club – a club with many leaders and many project areas.
  • Project Club – a club focused one or two project areas
  • School or Home School Club – a group that meets within school day hours focused on one or many project areas.
  • SPIN Clubs – a club that meets weekly for 6-8 weeks that focuses intensively on one project.
  • Independent 4-H Member - an Individual who can participate in 4-H programs & events (i.e. Exploration Days) outside of a 4-H club.
Please contact our office for more information about starting a new club!  See the Volunteer tab at left for more information about the Volunteer Selection Process.