Equalization Division's Organizational Units
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Equalization Division's Organizational Units

‚ÄčThe Equalization Division is under the direct administration of the Department of Management & Budget which in turn is under the administration of the County Executive.

Equalization is organized into Six Organizational Units:

  1. Appeals & Equalization
  2. Clerical
  3. Personal Property
  4. Real Property
  5. Property Descriptions
  6. Standards & Reports


Appeals & Equalization: 
Questions for Appeals & Equalization should be directed to: 248-858-1699


  • Represents those Cities and Townships that have contracted with the Equalization Division for Assessing Duties, on appeals at the Michigan Tax Tribunal
  • Performs equalization studies to determine the change in assessment required for each City or Township every year to comply with the level of assessment required by law



  • Homestead Affidavits and Property Transfer Affidavits - any questions should be directed to:  248-858-8793
  • General Questions should be directed to: 248-858-0776
    Our clerical staff can answer many general questions including:

    What is my assessment?
    What is the Sidwell Number (also known as the PIN, or Parcel Identification Number) for an address?
    What is the address for this Sidwell Number?
    How many square feet does this house have?
    How do I get a duplicate copy of my assessment change notice?

Note:  for 24/7 access to a large variety of information related to our land records, County Treasurer's records, and/or the County Register of Deeds' records (for a fee) check out Property Gateway



Personal Property:
Questions related to Personal Property Assessments should be directed to:  248-858-0776

The Personal Property Section is responsible for:


  • Maintains personal property tax roll
  • Performs on-site reviews for personal property audits
  • Canvasses all commercial/industrial properties at the end of the year to identify and assess taxable personal property.


To review or download personal property forms click here.




Real Property:
General questions about Real Property should be directed to our Clerical staff at: 248-858-0776 
The Real Property Section acts as the Equalization Division's representative for those Cities and Townships that have contracted with Equalization for Assessing duties - responsibilities include:
  • Maintains real property appraisal/assessment records
  • Performs on-site reviews of all types of real property in order to properly inventory taxable real property for the assessment roll
  • Attending the March, July, and December Boards of Review in order to maintain the minutes of the meetings, and to aid/assist these Boards with information requests related to the hearings.

To locate an Assessing Department in a City, Village, or Township of Oakland County click here .




Property Descriptions: 
The Property Descriptions Section can be reached by calling
248-975-9501.  The Section is responsible for:
  • Maintaining tax legal descriptions
  • Updating property description maps for split/combination requests, and Parcel Identification Number maintenance

To review or download Property Descriptions forms click here.




Standards & Reports: 
The Standards Section can be reached at by calling:
248-858-7353.  Standards responsibilities include:
  • Compiling reports that are required to be filed with the State
  • Processes March, July and December Board of Review Judgments, Michigan Tax Tribunal Appeals and State Tax Commission Petitions
  • Compiles Tax Warrant information and balances with City, Village and Township Treasurer's Tax Rolls