Equalization Division Home

Equalization Division Home

Equalization is a division of the Management and Budget Department.

Our role is to assist the Board of Commissioners in equalizing the assessed value of Oakland County. This is accomplished by adding to or deducting, if necessary, from the assessed value of each class of property in all 52 assessing jurisdictions, in order to bring each entity to a common level of valuation.

We compile sampling data, reports and statistics on property valuations in the County for use by the Finance Committee, and annually assist in the preparation of the Local Tax Report to be presented to the Board of Commissioners.

In 1994, we became responsible for making Homestead Exemption decisions and in 1995 became required to reassess all ownership transfers, administer an additional assessment cap, and handle the appeals pertaining to these activities.

We are also charged with reviewing and preparing reports for millage rollback calculations throughout the County, and administering requirements mandated by Proposal A and any additional mandated requirements.



 Spotlight on the

(Proposal 1)

 Approved on August 5, 2014 


Understanding Your Property Taxes and Proposal "A"
On March 15, 1994 Michigan voters approved the constitutional amendment known as Proposal "A".
Proposal "A" established "Taxable Value" as the basis for the calculation of property taxes.
Click here to learn more about Proposal "A".
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