Monthly Transparency Reports

Notice to users of information provided through this web page:  The reports available on this web site are created on a monthly basis and serve primarily to assist County managers in monitoring their actual revenues and expenditures against their authorized budget.  These are not audited statements and may not reflect accounting adjustments used in preparation of the formal audited financial reports, such as accrual adjustments. The reports represent various organization levels.  For example, some reports may be summarized at a higher department level (typically assigned a single digit reference number in the report title).  The higher level summary reports contain rolled up data that is also contained in lower level reports that are also available (such as a division or unit). Lower level units are identified typically with two or more digits in the reference title.

These reports have been created for internal management purposes - however, they are also being provided through the County's internet site in an effort to provide as much current financial data to the public as possible without being cost prohibitive.

The audited Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), which represents the financial activity for an entire fiscal year and prepared in conformance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), is also available on the County's web site, information and publications.  The CAFR is available for each fiscal year dating back to 2002.  This same web site also contains the County's annual budget and abbreviated financial summary information.