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Divisions of Management & Budget

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The Fiscal Services Division provides all financial services to the County's departments and Divisions, with the exception of cash management and investment services, which are provided by the Treasurer. Fiscal Services' responsibilities extend to externally reporting the financial position and economic condition of the County to interested parties, as well as assisting the executive and legislative branches of Oakland County government in the rational allocation of County resources to promote cost effective and efficient public services that meet community needs.


Pursuant to the General Property Tax Law of the State of Michigan, the Equalization Division assists the Board of Commissioners in ascertaining whether the real and personal property in the townships and cities of Oakland County have been equally and uniformly assessed at true cash value. If, on such examination, it deems the assessments to be unequal, it shall equalize the same by adding to or deducting from the valuation of the taxable property in any township or city such an amount as in its judgment will produce a common level of valuation in all 51 assessing units. The Division compiles sampling data, reports, and other statistics on property valuations in the County for use by the Finance Committee, and assists in the annual preparation of the Local Tax Report by the Board of Commissioners to the State Tax Commission. The Equalization Division is also responsible for determining homestead exemption of homeowners, ownership transfers, handling appeals, preparing reports for millage rollback calculations, and administering requirements mandated by the 1994 constitutional amendment called Proposal A. Proposal A changed the basis for calculating property tax from assessed value to taxable value. Taxable value is the lesser of state equalized value (assessed value as adjusted by county and state equalization) or capped value (the value established when the prior year taxable value is adjusted for the change in the rate of inflation). 


Purchasing is responsible for the acquisition of supplies, materials, equipment, and contracted services used by the various County Divisions, Departments and operations. The Division was established as a centralized operation to reduce and control acquisition costs, formalize the acquisition process, and to implement the County's procurement policies.


Reimbursement is responsible for assisting the Circuit, Family, and Probate Courts in the collection of all court-ordered fees and determining an individual's ability to pay for various court services.  The Division also assists the Oakland County Sheriff's Department in the collection of inmate board and care fees.  The Division conducts administrative Order to Show Cause hearings, prepares reimbursement orders, processes tax intercepts and garnishments, and disburses restitution monies to crime victims.