Management & Budget Goals & Objectives
Oakland County, MichiganManagement & BudgetManagement & Budget Goals & Objectives

Management & Budget Goals & Objectives

  • Continue a fiscally sound approach to County finances to ensure that expenditures do not exceed the resources available and a balanced budget is maintained.
  • Enhance financial stability with an emphasis on cost reduction and program efficiency.
  • Continue to promote fiscal responsibility among departments.
  • Maintain the County's AAA Bond Rating.
  • Ensure the integrity of departmental work products and the continued use of best practices through the professional development of Management and Budget staff.
  • Continue focus on long-term financial planning, which includes preparation of a Triennial Budget process as well as a five-year total revenue and total expenditure projection for General Fund/General Purpose operations.
  • Advance eBusiness initiative.
  • Support intergovernmental cooperation initiatives.
  • Increase availability of financial reports and data on the County's Web Site
  • Continue progress toward enhanced use of program measurements in the budget and operational decision making process.
  • Redesign financial business processes within Management and Budget and across departments.
  • Disseminate the County's financial and purchasing policies and procedures via the County's Intranet and the Internet.
Fiscal Services
  • Report the financial position and economic condition of the County in an accurate, timely, consistent, reliable manner, leading to the publication of a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) that receives an unqualified audit opinion.
  • Issue payments to employees and vendors, for goods and services delivered, in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Accurately forecast personnel, contractual services, supplies, equipment and space requirements for all County activities and validate quantities needed to accomplish the operational objectives of all County agencies.
  • Respond efficiently to requests by elected officials and county staff for financial information and analysis.
  • Continue operating to best practice standards and gauge success by receiving awards of excellence from the Government Finance Officers Association for the Popular Annual Financial ReportComprehensive Annual Financial Report and the Triennial Budget document.
  • Efficiently provide our citizenry and the tax-paying public with high quality products and services within a healthy work environment, encouraging cooperation, honesty, integrity, and respect.
  • Provide a stable and equitable tax base for each assessing district in the County to generate revenues for the support of police, fire, schools, roads, parks, libraries and other services that citizens require.
  • Continually develop and maintain software systems to meet new legislative changes and state tax commission requirements.
  • Provide contracted assessing, reappraisal, and maintenance services for real and personal property to cities and townships.
  • Minimize the County's acquisition costs for all the goods and contracted services within adopted budget parameters.
  • Provide the highest quality and value of goods and contracted services.
  • Provide efficient and effective procurement services to County operations by employing sound purchasing methods.
  • Stimulate participation in the County's business process with well qualified providers.
  • Advance eProcurement initiatives.
  • Encourage open competition and equal consideration, fostering a reputation for fairness with the local business community.
Reimbursement Division
  • Assess fees in an accurate and timely manner
  • Ensure maximum recovery of costs for the County via an efficient collections process within adopted budget parameters.
  • Examine all business processes, particularly those that relate directly to the court, to determine and implement ways to improve efficiency.
  • Continuously enhance the use of technology to measure activity in relationship to collections and non-financial performance measures.