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Accountability and Transparency

Citizen's Guide

The FY 2016 Financial Summary provides a high level overview of the Oakland County's finances for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2016.  The FY 2016 Financial Summary report contains the FY 2015 pension and VEBA data as that was the information that was available at the time the FY 2016 Financial Summary document was published in March 2017.  The FY 2015 Pension Valuation Report (103% funded) and the FY 2015 VEBA Valuation Report (124% funded) are available below to provide the full actuarial valuation reports that were referenced in the FY 2016 Financial Summary document.  Also, the FY 2016 Pension Valuation Report (102% funded) was provided to the Oakland County Retirement Board in late June 2017 and is available below to show the most current funding status of the pension plan.  The FY 2016 VEBA Valuation Report (123% funded) was presented to the Retirement Board in late June 2017 as well and is also available below to show the most current funding status of the retiree health care plan.    

Performance Dashboard

The link below provides a narrative that highlights the significant financial performance indicators for Oakland County.  Also, below is a link to the FY 2016-2018 Triennial 'Program' budget report that contains performance measures for the various County departments.  While the County prepares a 3-year line item budget on an annual basis for adoption each September, the 'Program' budget document is prepared and submitted every three years to the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) where it continues to be awarded the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award. 

Debt Service Reports

The debt service schedules reflect the remaining debt service requirements for Oakland County as of the last completed fiscal year until the debt issuances reach maturity.  The schedules include all debt obligations for bond issues, tax anticipation notes, and State Revolving Fund (SRF) loans.


Projected Budget Report

In September 2016, Oakland County adopted a balanced 3-year rolling budget for Fiscal Years 2017, 2018 and 2019.  The Projected Budget Report Summary includes the County Executive Budget Message presented to the Board of Commissioner's in July 2016 providing many of the overall assumptions used in the development of the budget as well revenue and expenditure summary information based on the adoption of the budget on September 22, 2016.   The FY 2017-2019 Categorical Analysis and Budget Highlights is also provided below as it offers additional budgetary assumptions and explanations for both General Fund Departments and Proprietary Funds.   

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