Oakland County, Michigan/Medical Examiner/Medical Examiner Records

Medical Examiner Records

You may request medical examiner records under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). To request information please visit the FOIA Request Center to submit a FOIA request online. This is our preferred method of receiving the request.

​If you are unable to submit your request online, please mail written FOIA requests to our office.

Normal turnaround time for an autopsy report is 6-8 weeks after the autopsy is performed.  Any request for a copy of an autopsy report made before the completion of the autopsy report will be denied, “Report Not Complete”. 

Photographs: photo requests are denied except for exceptions listed in PA 322, 2003, H.B. 4249, Sec 2855a (1)(a) 

Work product request for any information not generated by the medical examiner’s office will be denied per PA 153, 2004, SB # 724.