There are many links related to maps and geographic data!

Oakland County GIS Information

Links to Oakland County departments that frequently use GIS.

Michigan GIS Information

Links to Michigan organizations involved in GIS.

  • IMAGIN (Improving Michigan's Access to Geographic Information Networks)  - a network of individuals and organizations interested in the use and application of GIS technology in Michigan.
  • Michigan CGI (Center for Geographic Information) - the state agency that supports and creates geographic data (such as the Michigan Geographic Framework, or MGF) for the state of Michigan.
  • SEMCOG (Southeast Michigan Council of Governments) - a regional planning organization, accountable to member local governments.
General GIS Information

Links to learn more about GIS.

  • ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) - a resource for GIS information, scripts and a variety of online GIS training courses.
  • - overview of GIS.
  • GIS Lounge - GIS news and information.
  • GISCafe - GIS news and information.
  • URISA (Urban and Regional Information Systems Association) - a non-profit association whose members use technology such as GIS to solve problems at the state and local levels.

GIS Jobs

Links to GIS job sites.

  • GIS Jobs Clearinghouse - contains GIS-related job opportunities throughout the world.
  • - contains GIS-related job opportunities and allows resume posting