Oakland County Government

Oakland County

Oakland County's homepage links to information about its departments and their services, the courts, biographies of elected officials and county commissioners, and maps.

Office of the County Executive

Oakland County is headed by an elected County Executive whose responsibilities are similar to those of a governor or mayor of a large city.

Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners governs Oakland County. The Board consists of 19 members, one from each of 19 equally-populated districts.

County Departments

Links to Oakland County Government departments, divisions and units.

Information About the Government

Oakland County Directory
Oakland County Directories are published by the Oakland County Clerk's Office with local government information as well as federal, state, Oakland County and city, village and township elected officials.

Oakland County Budget

The Oakland County Budget and other budgetary publications.

Open Oakland Document Search
Open Oakland document search site contains agendas, minutes, reports, resolutions, County Ordinances, Interlocal Agreements between county and various municipalities, and copies of each official election canvass.

Oakland County Historical Resources (OCHR)
Oakland County Historical Resources is an organization comprised of libraries, genealogical and historical societies which digitizes historical documents pertaining to Oakland County. This database also contains digitized copies of Oakland County government documents which used to be housed in the Oakland County Research Library.