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Legal Research Guides and Tools

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State of Michigan Law Library
Access a number of how-to research guides to finding Michigan and federal statutes, regulations and case law. Click on Directory of Michigan Law Libraries, or go directly to,1607,7-140-54504_50206_18639-52451--,00.html, for a list of libraries in your area that maintain a law collection.
U.S. Federal Government Legal System
A New York University School of Law librarian designed this legal research guide for global researchers. The site describes the role each branch of the federal government plays in developing federal law. The site links to the U.S. Constitution and federal statutes, court opinions, and regulations on the Internet, as well as tutorials on researching federal law.
Cornell Law Library
Cornell's Law Library staff designed web pages for law students. Click on "Resources" for legal information tips on how to find cases and statutes, federal regulations, and topical law related information. The research guides cover both print and electronic resources.
The Virtual Chase
Genie Tyburski, law firm librarian and Internet resource publisher, offers pages of how-to-do legal research for attorneys and other legal professionals. Navigate her website to find detailed articles and tips for finding authoritative law, business and factual information on the Internet.
Zimmerman's Research Guide
LexisNexis sponsors this A to Z encyclopedia of law related and other topics. Click on a topic to read a detailed annotation that will include further links to more information on the Internet.
How to Research a Legal Problem
The American Association of Law Libraries' section on Legal Information Services to the Public provides this guide specifically for nonlawyers. It outlines the steps, and defines the types of resources used, in the process of legal research.


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