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Questions the Library CAN help you with:

  • where to find material on a specific law related subject.
  • how to use legal reference ma‚Äčterial.
  • how to read legal citations to find specific statutes, case law, and other legal references.
  • if other agencies are available to help with questions about the law.
  • locate government data resources and demographic information.
  • provide ready-reference such as address cross-checking, dictionary look-ups and quotations.
  • look for death notices in the microfilmed newspapers if provided with an exact date of death.
  • direct you to appropriate print, electronic and online resources and guide you in their usage.


Questions the Library CANNOT help you with:

Please be aware that by law (MCL 600.916), the staff cannot:
  • do your legal research for you.
  • give legal advice.
  • state opinions on legal issues.
  • interpret the law, regulations, court cases, or any other legal materials.
  • select forms.
  • choose or recommend language for use on any form or other legal document.



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