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Oakland County Courts

Oakland County Courts
Main site for Oakland County's District, Circuit and Probate Courts.
Oakland County District Courts & Judges
District courts in Michigan handle misdemeanor violations, preliminary examinations on felony charges, civil actions under a specified jurisdictional amount, and Small Claims. This directory page lists Oakland County District Court addresses and judges, and links to biographies and pictures of the 52nd District Court judges.
Oakland County 6th Judicial Circuit Court
Michigan Circuit Courts are trial level courts having jurisdiction over civil and criminal cases, appeals from courts of lessor jurisdiction, and administrative agencies. The Family Division handles divorce, child custody and support, paternity, adoption, juvenile matters, youth assistance and all other issues related to the family. Friend of the Court is affiliated with this division. The General Jurisdiction Division handles non-family related civil cases over a specified jurisdictional amount, and criminal felony and high misdemeanor issues. Judges biographies and pictures, plus staff directories, are linkable from this page. Note: Circuit Court opinions are not published and they are not available on the Internet. Use Court Explorer to review case registers of actions.
Oakland County 6th Judicial Circuit Court Judges
This website includes biographies of current Oakland County Circuit Court judges, a judicial staff directory, and an historical roster of former Circuit and Probate judges.
Oakland County Friend of Court
Friend of the Court is affiliated with the Family Division of Circuit Court. FOC investigates matters relating to custody, child support and parenting time in domestic relations cases. From this site obtain a copy of Friend of the Court Handbook, the SMILE Program Handbook, an overview of the divorce process, as well as some forms.
Oakland County Probate Court
Michigan Probate Courts supervise the probating of wills and the administration of decedents' estates and trusts. They oversee guardianship and conservatorship of adults and minors and handle cases and proceedings under the Michigan Mental Health Code. The website includes several informational brochures on Probate Court issues.

Michigan Courts

Michigan Courts
From this official Michigan court system website link to Michigan Court rules and approved court forms, civil jury instructions, Supreme Court administrative orders, court statistics, Michigan Judicial Institute publications and much more.  Click on "Legal Community" to link to Michigan Supreme and Appeals court opinions and to review the courts' dockets.  This website provides a county by county directory of trial (circuit and district) courts and their judges throughout Michigan. The site also includes biographies of Court justices and information on how to file a complaint about an attorney or a judge.
Michigan Court of Appeals
Pull down the "Resources" menu on this official Michigan Appeals Court website to link to the case call schedule, court opinions, court rules, court forms, "how-to" manuals for prose filings on appeal and much more. The site includes a directory of Appeals Court district offices, judges' biographies, and the court's internal operating procedures manual. Click on Legal Community to review the courts' dockets.
Michigan Supreme Court Historical Society
The Michigan Supreme Court Historical Society collects, preserves, and displays documents, records, and memorabilia relating to the Michigan Supreme Court and the other Courts of Michigan, promotes the study of the history of Michigan's courts, and seeks to increase public awareness of Michigan's legal heritage.

Federal Courts

The Federal Judicial Center
The FJC explains the federal judicial system. It includes histories of individual courts. A biographical database contains service records and brief biographical data of all judges who served on the U.S. Supreme, Circuit and District Courts, since 1789. Many court publications are available in full text, including current editions of the Manual for Complex Litigation and the Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence.
U.S. Courts
The Court's Administrative Office sponsors this website. Click on Journalist's Guide for an overview of how the Federal District, Bankruptcy, and Appellate Courts function. The website walks visitors through the typical stages of federal, civil, and criminal cases, and reviews the roles judges, attorneys and other officials play as the cases progress. A glossary of legal terms is included. Go to for an interactive map to quickly find a federal, circuit, or district court website.
U.S. Supreme Court
The court's official website offers an overview of the Supreme Court's docket, procedures, traditions and case handling guidelines. It lists all of the justices, with their years of service, and includes short biographies of the current justices.
Oyez Project
Through this multimedia resource take a virtual tour of the Supreme Court and some of the justices' chambers. Listen to landmark oral arguments presented in court since 1955. This website also contains pictures and biographies of all U.S. Supreme Court justices.
Biographical Dictionary of Federal Judges
The directory from the Federal Judicial Center includes the biographies of judges who have served since 1789 on the U.S. District Courts, the U.S. Courts of Appeals, the Supreme Court, the former U.S. Circuit Courts, the Court of International Trade, and the Court of Claims.

Assorted Courts

Law Library Resource Xchange
Law librarian Sabrina Pacifici created this award winning web resource for legal researchers. From this page link to Federal and state general and local court rules, forms and dockets available free on the Internet or through fee based databases.



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