Wireless Oakland Frequently Asked Questions
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Wireless Oakland Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are questions frequently asked about the Wireless Oakland Project.

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What is Wireless Oakland?,
Wireless Oakland is an initiative launched by County Executive L. Brooks Patterson that consists of three goals. The primary goal is to create public-private partnerships to ensure that all citizens in Oakland County have access to affordable broadband and leverage access to public assets so that some level of free internet service could be provided to Oakland County residents by the private sector.‚Äč
How Do I Get Service?, Free downtown wireless hotspots are available in the Village of Oxford and the Village of Holly. A hotspot is also planned in the City of the Village of Clarkston. These have been made available by the County's private sector partner, Air Advantage.
Are you using County tax dollars for this?,
No Oakland County tax or grant dollars will be used to subsidize the creation of the wireless network.