Cyber Security Taskforce

U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security: Stop Ransomware

The Oakland County Cyber Security Taskforce has adopted a county-wide approach to cyber security to help protect our 1.25 million residents and neighboring partners. The County is implementing technologies and leveraging our world class infrastructure to support citizen online experiences and provide data for decisions and opportunities to support regional growth and economic development.

The Oakland County Cyber Security Taskforce has identified five key areas for education, growth and development via Cyber Security Initiatives*:

Taskforce Members

  • Sean Carlson, Deputy County Executive, Oakland County
  • T.J. Fields, Chief Information Security Officer, Oakland County
  • Mike Timm, Director of Information Technology, Oakland County
  • Chuck DePalma, Principal, CFD Consulting, Inc.
  • Jennifer Tisdale, Principal, Cyber-Physical Systems Security, Grimm
  • Kenneth Theis, Chief Executive Officer,  Dewpoint

The Oakland County Cyber Security Taskforce is led by Deputy County Executive Sean Carlson under the direction of County Executive David Coulter. Formed by Coulter in March 2020, as the “Secure IT Oakland” cybersecurity and infrastructure taskforce, Carlson leads a team that includes Mike Timm, Director of Oakland County Information Technology, Jennifer Tisdale, Kenneth Theis, and T.J. Fields. Fields, as Oakland County's Chief Information Security Officer, implements the requirements of the Oakland County Information Technology and Information Security Programs.