Citizen Cyber Training

Cyber Crime Support

Citizen Cyber Training

Online education and online Cyber Security resources to help our citizens understand risks and be better prepared for a more secure online experience.

Cybersecurity While Traveling
I'm Hacked, Now What?
Protecting Your Digital Home
Text Message: Real or Fake?

Tips for Students and Seniors

7 Cyber Security Tips for Seniors
7 Emotions Hackers Use to Scam Seniors
7 Cyber Security Tips for Students
5 Ways Hackers Target Students

Cyber Security Education and Workforce Opportunities (Site Under Construction)

Working with local Colleges, Universities and Employment organizations to coordinate training and staffing of Cyber Security resources. Working to match qualified work pool of Cyber Security candidates with the needs of local businesses.

Government Cyber Security Initiatives

Working with Oakland County Cities, Villages, and Townships and neighboring Counties to help bolster the Regions Cyber Security posture.

K- 12 School Cyber Security Resources

Through programs and partnerships with local Security organizations working to help increase the Security of K-12 Schools and foster environments for increased STEM activity for the pursuit of Cyber Security education opportunities.

Small – Medium Business (SMB) Cyber Security Resources

Provide fundamental guidance via resource documents and fostering relationships with vetted vendors to provide an avenue of economic development of the Small and Medium business in Oakland County.

*Due to current COVID restrictions the initial actions and opportunities of the Cyber Taskforce will be executed online. As soon as COVID restrictions are lifted, a significant number of in person opportunities will be made available.

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