Oakland Sesame

Bringing Oakland County sign-on into the 21st century

You can’t blink twice without noticing news stories about hacks, compromises, phishing and other “password harvesting” attacks. The main target of these attacks are user credentials – people’s usernames and passwords, which hackers can then re-use to their own ends.

To thwart these types of attacks, we are enhancing our login experience to many Oakland County systems for Oakland County personnel (employees and contractors), with a variety of features under a broad program called “Oakland Sesame”.

With Oakland Sesame, our aim is to reduce or even eliminate the risk from most password-based attacks against our users. Oakland Sesame is part of a holistic security strategy, ensuring the right people have the right level of access to the right resources, while maintaining the needed security controls, while keeping the wrong people out.

Keeping County operations safe and secure.

Oakland Sesame currently encompasses noticeable features such as biometrics and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), as well as several controls “invisible” to users that better protect their sign-on to applications. As the Oakland Sesame program matures, additional features and functionality will be added (such as risk-based authentication, geographic controls, etc.) to ensure ongoing, effective protection of County data and systems.

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