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K-12 School Cyber Security Resources

Security Frame to Provide a Baseline of Cyber Security to K through 12 environments

High Level Self Evaluation of Cyber Security Posture:

CySAFE Cyber Security Self Evaluations
“Generic” Cyber Incident Response Plan and Runbook
Cyber Guidance for K-12 Schools

High Level Life Cycle component of Technical Risk considerations:


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The CySAFE Evaluation and Tech Debt Check tools contain macros,but have been digitally signed by Oakland County to ensure their integrity. For validation, click View Signatures > Select Oakland County > Signature Details.


Free Cyber Security Trainings Available

The Oakland County Cyber Security Task Force is pleased to announce, thanks to work done by the State of Michigan and a generous grant from the Michigan Homeland Security Grant Program, a two-day workshop on CIS Controls for Municipal Organizations. This training is free of charge to staff of local public entities in Michigan including cities, villages, townships, counties, school districts, universities, community colleges, tribal authorities and nonprofit hospitals.

This training will introduce leaders and IT practitioners to the CIS Controls framework and how they can use them to best protect their organizations in a reasonable and cost-effective manner.

This training is online only. Additional information and registration.

There are multiple 2-day training events available during the month of May to provide a focused opportunity to quickly increase the cybersecurity capabilities of staff from multiple state, local, tribal, and territorial agencies while allowing flexibility with schedules.

For questions on the training, on CIS Controls, or the Oakland County Cyber Security Task Force, please contact:

T.J. Fields
Chief Information Security Officer, Oakland County