Land Leadership Group 2011/12 Master Plan Requests
Oakland County, MichiganInformation TechnologyPMOLand Leadership Group 2011/12 Master Plan Requests

Land Leadership Group 2011/12 Master Plan Requests

The files below contain the Project Scope & Approach, Size Estimates and Return on Investment Analysis for 2011/12 Master Plan Requests:

Assessment and Tax Program System Upgrade
CAMS Enterprise Enhancements
CAMS Roads Data Model Development
CVT PPE and MBOR Implementation
Econ Dev & Comm Affairs Web Site
EDCA Department Social Media Strategy
E-Health Foods Re-Write
Equalization Legacy Applications
Equalization - Oakdocs Implementation
Facilities Space Allocation Program
Medical Mainstreet Social Media Strategy
OCHD Mandate Program Budget
P&R CAMS Rollout
P&R Destination Oakland Enhancements
P&R RecTrac Activity Registration Implementation
P&R WebTrac Implementation
Recreation Inventory and Finder
Replace Mainframe ETUP System
Rewrite - WAS and TAW Applications
TOS - DelTax Feasibility Study
TOS Enhancements
TOS - Program Planning
WRC Development Budget 2011 - 2012
WRC - Netbase Solution
WRC - OakDocs Implementation
WRC IO Tool Implementation

Open Requests

E-Health Address Standardization
E-Health Administration Module
E-Health Complaints
E-Health Geothermal Wells Enhancement
E-Health Routing
E-Health Water Module
GIS Enable LAMS Application
LAMS Add New Search Functionality
LAMS Add Real-Time Postal Address Validation
LAMS Site Address Relationship between Parcel Types
Live Web Chat Pilot
OakGreen Website
Online Payment System Enhancements
Opt-In Oakland County/CVT Cross Promotion Pilot
Rewrite Legacy Equalization Applications
Rewrite Legacy Treasurer Applications 

Unallocated Requests

102585 - Parks New RecTrac Server